She’s Always a “Lady” to Me

I want to stand up and applaud. I want to stand up and cheer. I want to jump up and down. You know why? Because of “Lady V”. Who? “Lady V”… She wrote a brutally honest response to a post BB wrote called “The Problem Planner”, and I need you, bridey to understand her point of view. You see, she works for a five star resort, and if you are getting married at a high-end venue or five star hotel, then I need you to think about her words when you feel your verbal vomit bubbling up. Because while her comment is quite harsh, it’s true. And you know what? You need to know how SHE feels so that you can shelf your self-indulgence crap some of the time.

The gist of our post was about the bedside manner of those people in “the industry” ASSIGNED to work with you while planning your wedding. Their titles are usually, “catering sales manager” or “meeting and special events manager”, and while they enjoy their jobs, each manager operates differently. And because it’s so important for you to mesh with “your” person, it’s also important that you know the rules. No matter what, you have to share your bridal hopes and dreams with this person, but when you start going on and on about your family drama, your sex life, or even your awful period cramps, that is when “Lady V” starts to feel more like a shrink than a planner. She her comment below:

“AMEN!! I work at a five star resort, (and) most brides expect on top of planning and executing their wedding properly for you to be a freaking shrink!! I don’t get paid to talk to you about everything you are feeling or a shoulder to cry on! Isn't that what your bridal party is for? I have things to get accomplished... like you plus 6 other brides’ weddings!! You will still have the wedding of your dreams, but for me its work... I don’t go into your (brides) place of work and expect you to care about every little detail of my life... I care about the details of your wedding and that’s it.” 

OUCH! But, based on my experience and the experience of several of my peers in the industry, “Lady V” is not alone. She is busy. She is pulled into several different directions. She is freaking stressed. And, she is probably drastically underpaid. And the longer you keep her on the phone talking about your stupid mother-in-law to be, the longer she has to stay at work to get all of her work done. So, be respectful of her time. Because she is way too respectful to cut your story short as you ramble on and on about how “bummed” you were because you had to fly home from vacation in coach. 

Seriously, if you are surprised that not everybody is excited to hear every detail of your life, go back and read the piece I wrote about Bridaldemia on the Huffington Post. You know… How the minute a lovely women has a rock placed on her delicate little finger, she transforms into the worst possible version of herself? The bridal version… AKA… Bridaldemia? I mean if you haven’t had the opportunity to read it, you should because as you know, Bitchless Bride is all about perspective, every perspective. And this time, it’s via the perspective of the assigned wedding planner at your five star hotel. So bridey, read it and learn. Pay it forward. Be respectful. And while we’re at it? Tip this person. And make sure it’s a big one!