We the People... Don't Want to Attend Your Wedding

Because today is July 4th, I thought I’d keep it short and somewhat sweet. Somewhat being the key word… No matter what, I hope that you are enjoying yourselves wherever you are and whatever you are doing! There’s the sweet part. Seriously, I really hope that today is about spending time with your families, drinking some fabulous cocktails and watching some cool fireworks instead of attending somebody’s wedding. Yeah, I said it out loud. Nobody is happy about attending a wedding on ANY holiday. Period.

No, I mean it. There is always a serious debate about planning a wedding on a holiday. Be it the 4th of July, Labor Day and especially New Year’s Eve this subject is debated with such fierceness that it can put even the toughest politicians to shame. And those 2% of people who actually think it is a GOOD idea, are usually the fiercest fighters! And while I certainly understand the logic behind planning your wedding on a holiday or holiday weekend, I disagree. Strongly. Because as a guest, when you get an extra day off, you really just want to spend it with your own family or friends, not be stuck at a wedding that you feel obligated to attend.

Brideys, do you really want people to come to your wedding because they feel obligated to do so? I mean you are spending a ton of time and money planning your big day (which most people don’t want to attend no matter WHEN you get married… Remember the video I posted about that? Click here if you didn’t see it.), don’t you want everybody to look forward to celebrating with you instead of checking their watches every twenty minutes to see how soon they can leave? And you know what? I bet that some of your own family members would have rather stayed in their own ‘hood to watch some homemade fireworks with their friends versus attend your wedding.

Sorry girls, somebody had to say it, and these days, it seems to be me. I take everything I have absorbed, overheard and experienced and bring it directly to you. If you don’t like it, then at least learn from it… Okay?

Tell me what you think. Are you for a holiday wedding or against it?