California Girls We're Undeniable

Story submitted and written by Broke Bridesmaid

Yeah, I will never, ever be in another wedding, ever again.

I had a friend, who lived in NY. I'm a Cali girl myself, but we got along so great that I thought we really did share similar views on life. When she asked me to be in her wedding in NY, I was actually excited.

I learned quickly... 50+ emails a day between all the bridesmaids. EVERY DAY. For TWO YEARS. If a bridesmaid didn't respond quickly enough to the bride's taste, guess who was asked to step in? That's right, me. Because I was the furthest one away, so the bride figured I wouldn't care if the other bridesmaids didn't like me.

I was REQUIRED to attend four events as a bridesmaid. Now, I know usually there is a little accommodation made for the out-of-town bridesmaids, and I assumed a little bit of that would make its way to me. After all, plane tickets to NY from CA aren't cheap, and multiply that cost by four. First, it was her engagement party, and then it was the Tiffany's themed bridal shower, and then the bachelorette party in Maryland, then, finally, the big day. I balked. I'll tell you that right now. I asked her to please think about the fact that most people can't afford to fly out to NY four times in one year for a wedding, and that I would be happy to attend one event of her choosing and then the wedding. She almost threw me out of her bridal party for that. Can't say I would have complained at that point. 

As I started getting more and more worn out from the constant demands and drama from the bride, I began tallying up the costs to be in her wedding. Between dress, shoes, required professional hair and make up, hotels, food, transportation, completing the projects she was mailing to me, I had already spent over $2000. And that was not even including the PLANE TICKETS. Talk about not respecting your bridal party.

I sucked it all up. Yup. Not proud of it, but I did. I was probably the happiest person alive when the wedding day came around, because that meant it was finally OVER and I was FREE... I felt like I was shaking off an abusive ex at that point, seriously it was the same exact feeling. I managed to enjoy myself at the wedding, even!

Fast forward to the next morning. I had bought a couple gift cards for the registry, but had accidently left them at home in CA (was a little focused on grabbing the bridesmaid dress, packing party favors that the bride requested, etc.) and so I was planning to mail them to her once I got back home. Not shit, it was literally 10am the day after her wedding, when she was supposed to be going on her honeymoon, I receive this text, "Hey! I can't find any gift cards from you! Did you mean to give them to me later?" 

I mean, who does that?! Who counts their presents the DAY after the wedding, on the way to the honeymoon, and tracks down the wayward guests to ask them where their present is? Bitch, I've dropped $6000+ on your GODDAMN STUPID DAY and you want to know where my fucking $200 gift card is?!!!! 

So, I 'accidently' kept forgetting to send the gift cards to her after I got back home. She only texted me twice after that, to ask where the cards were. One day, after I'd had a glass of wine and was stewing about that whole incident, I pulled out the cards and said FUCK IT. I'M spending this shit. So I did.

I no longer talk to her. We're still friends on FB, but only because we have too many mutual friends for me to delete her. She's one of those 'countdown queens', who enjoys a DAILY FB countdown. Since the wedding, she's been counting up, as in "Honey! We've been married for three months and four days! Can you believe it?! OMG!!"

Let's just put it this way. This bitch was NOT the girl I originally became friends with. I absolutely REFUSE to ever deal with another materialistic, narcissistic brat again. When it comes my turn to get married, throw me in a car and drive me to Vegas!