Labor Day on the "Double"

Happy Labor Day brideys! Who's getting married this weekend? You? Anybody you know? Well, hopefully you are lucky enough to escape the woes of attending a holiday wedding and enjoy some time with your OWN family. But not matter what, I tip my hat to my fellow colleagues who are working this weekend (yours truly included). Because while you, bridey, suck in the last rays of summer, it's a "double double" for us.

Yeah, a "double double"... Meaning that we are working all day (and night) on Saturday, and all day (and night) on Sunday. Hey, I'm not complaining, just explaining. You know by now that I always like offer a dose of perspective, and make you aware of what's happening around you.

Just a quick tale before I go back to my final wedding timelines, budgets and diagrams... After my client meeting last night, I met up with a few industry friends for another round of cocktails. And as we raised our glasses for a toast, almost in unison, we all said "to Monday". Because Monday is when we can quit taking care of you, and take some time for ourselves. Don't get me wrong, we all really love what we do, but anybody who's in "the industry" knows better then to say "have a great weekend". We usually say, "enjoy your days off..." 

Brideys, I can't really play today because I am busy preparing for my events this weekend, but just remember if you are getting married or somebody you know is getting married, be kind to those of us "taking care" of you. Because even though we choose our fate, we'd always rather be with our own families on the holidays instead of yours...