Cast Off (kstôf, -f): One that Has Been Discarded

So, maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or maybe the "passionate kiss" cocktails I was sipping on last night made for a "hot mess" this morning, but either way I am feeling bitchy. But, no matter what mood I am in, the conversation last night got me all hot and bothered as I was mulling it over while sucking down my morning shot of espresso.

You see, a little while ago, BB wrote a post called "Common Courtesy", all about respecting the guest, and based on the shit I was listening to last night, it appears as though you brideys are still not getting it. You're STILL having your weddings in 100 degree, temples, churches or barns without air-conditioning and not providing the proper provisions to your guests, or worst of all, your blinders are on so fucking tight that you can't even acknowledge a friend in need... And this bullshit story has me all riled up this Monday morning...

Apparently one of you entitled, selfish, bitch-ass brideys was so intent on having the perfect day that you were completely insensitive to one of your besties standing up in your wedding. Yeah, one of your bridesmaids. This chick fell down a flight of stairs one week before the big day, was sporting a giant cast, and instead of showing her some compassion, you paraded your bridal party all over hell and back to get the perfect photos. And I have to give this girl credit... she didn't complain or utter a word of disdain for you. But, sadly, she was definitely in pain as she walked 18 miles (okay, slight exaggeration...) so you could get the perfect backdrop for your photos. And you know what? I HOPE her pain shows in your pictures. I hope her face is scrunched to bits so that every time you look at them you will be reminded of your selfishness. Because as a good friend (wedding day or not), you had a few options that you chose to ignore. For example... You could have found some great photo ops closer to the venue, given her the option to sit a few out, or even pulled up a chair and had some fun, but you didn't. 

Seriously, this goes back to the basics girls. Be nice. Have some respect for the people around you who are supporting you and your decision to get married. This chick could have stayed home, but she didn't because it was important for her to stand, broken ankle and all, in your wedding. The least you could have done was to take care of her, but because it was YOUR day, you did what was best for you even at the expense of your friend. This shit makes me sick. 

You are better than this story brideys. Take off your blinders on your wedding day. Enjoy it. Live it. Love it. And respect the people who are celebrating with you, because as I have said before, most people don't really want to be there in the first place...

Thank you The Free Dictionary for the definition of cast off.