Your Broken Heart or Expectation?

Let’s talk about money. Like really talk about money because I am so sick of dancing around this fucking topic. Brideys, you have to set your budget and your expectations early so that you aren’t disappointed later. PERIOD. 

I’ve said this before, but apparently I need to say it again. The second after you get engaged, you must talk about money, and your overall budget with ALL parties contributing to your wedding. The reason? Outside of the obvious (how much you can spend), it is important to clarify what it means to the people contributing. Do they get to pull some strings or have a say in the decision making BECAUSE they have a “stake” in the business of your nuptials? Or are they simply a generous “silent partner”? (SILENT being the key word…)

But no matter what, please determine the budget and your “backers” NOW, so you don’t freak the fuck out in the middle of your plans. It is imperative to discuss how much you are receiving, and the terms attached to the cash before you get in too deep. Because once you get this painful discussion out of the equation, it opens the door to informed decisions. Yes, you can afford a swanky band instead of a DJ. No you don’t have a 20K budget for flowers, etc. Because there is nothing worse then falling in love with a vendor or venue only to have it blow up in your face because you think you have more money then you do, or because one of your “backers” isn’t on board with your decision.

Brideys, your wedding is probably going to be among the biggest “purchases” in your lifetime. So understand the parameters in the beginning so that don’t have to start over in the middle. Because, trust me brideys, nobody can fix a broken expectation.