Perspective is STILL a Bitch!

Listen, I am a fucking busy wedding planner, and it's fall wedding season so THIS bitch has got to keep it short... In a nutshell... Check yourself bridey, because it's really important to make sure that your expectations for your vendors, venue, wedding ring, vail... all the way down to your your wedding dress are in line with reality (ahem... your budget) during your wedding planning process. 

I have exhausted myself talking about perspective, expectations, attitude and then some, but I am CONSTANTLY reminded from pretty much all of my colleagues in "the industry" that there is STILL a serious breakdown in communication between brides and vendors, and if you, bridey, don't articulate what you want, how much you are willing to pay and what you expect from your vendor, then... it's your problem if they don't deliver. Because some of you are just fucking crazy, and so are your expectations. So, it's best to get it all out from the start!

Seriously, you should be talking about your dream, AND your budget during the initial meeting to see if the two are compatible. And if they aren't, then either go back to the drawing board or find a new vendor who is a better fit. But, please don't expect miracles if you can't pay for them. Because I am fucking over all of that... Got it? No? You don't? Then go read more about how I feel about your whinning over on the Huffington Post...