Don't be Fooled by the "Rocks" That I Got

You know what I am getting so sick of hearing? (I bet you'll never guess based on the picture...)

"Oh my God! You're a wedding planner? How EXCITING? Are you like, JLo?" REALLY? C'mon people. When did that movie even come out?

Besides, is my job really that exciting? Because to me it's actually quite stressful, super aggravating, and oftentimes has me thinking about why I couldn't have more of a "normal" job like everybody else. And you know what? No you can't call me fucking JLo. I mean if you really think about it, JLo's character in that movie is kinda of depressing. Let's strip down the "glamorous" wedding planning part for just a sec... Does anybody else find it a bit melancholy that she comes home after her event, eats by herself, and ultimately falls in love with one of her grooms? And you know what? The ending NEVER would have been that amicable... Fists would have been a flyin'...

But anyway... Similar to the Rainbows and Unicorns post I wrote (you know, the one about the young aspiring wedding planners with a giant hard-on for "the industry"? The ones who email me their resume every fucking day?), this post is along the same vein, but these people don't actually want to do my job. Instead, they usually just have super boring jobs, like in finance or something, and attack me with questions because obviously what I do is much more exciting. And I get it, but if you reallly want to take something away from being a wedding planner, then I'll fill you in on what I tell myself when the going gets rough and tough. (Brideys, pay close attention because if you want to be remembered like this, by all of your vendors, then quickly evaluate if you deserve it by educating yourselves via BB.)

Here we go:

1. As a wedding planner, I feel needed and 95% of the time appreciated (even as much as I bitch...). 

2. As a wedding planner, it feels amazing to be part of something that is bigger than just a party. I get to be part of the best day in the lives of my clients (well, most of the time!). 

3. As a wedding planner, I will always be remembered.

4. As a wedding planner I often receive texts like this (from a previous bride) that remind me that I actually DO love my job, and that I'm pretty good at it, "I'm at my bestie's wedding now, and just wanted to say a BIG thank you for making it all work! I don't think I realized at the time how smoothly it all went and wow, just WOW, I'm so grateful we had you! Love you!"

5. As a wedding planner, when I get a big, fat tip, I ALWAYS get a kick-ass pair of shoes as a reminder of another successful weekend...

So, I guess that if you are in a boring job, then my job really is pretty cool. The crazy thing is that I honestly didn't mean to be here. And sometiimes completely forgot how I DID get here, but I guess that I'm glad it all worked out the way that it did...