My Very Own Fantasy… Wedding!

Welcome to BB’s very first Fantasy Friday! Fantasy Friday is anything we want it to be! It can be about the dream wedding, a mystical honeymoon, intense sex with an ex, or even just a day of complete pampering. However, because Bitchless Bride is a blog all about weddings, attitude and perspective, I thought I’d share my idea of a fantasy wedding with you.

Brideys, if you didn’t already know, my husband and I ran off to Las Vegas and eloped. It was romantic, fun, awesome and fucking crazy all at the same time! And although I don’t have any regrets and wouldn’t change it for the world, if I were to plan my wedding now, fantasy style, here is what BB's wedding fantasy would look like… 

Let’s start with the wedding dress, or two… I would proudly walk down the aisle, tightly clinging to my father’s arm, rocking this amazingly hot pink Max Chaoul dress (minus the fur). I don't think anybody could miss us as we suddenly appeared at the top of the aisle because I would be rockin' that pink dress and my dad would be wearing a black tux with the pink wig he wore in the his Bitchless Bride Video.

As we make our way towards the altar, I can feel the sun on my face, see palm trees waving as a slight breeze rolls in, and sense the warmth from our guests because in this fantasy… there are no obligatory invites… Everybody in attendance is truly wanted and would be sorely missed. When I look up, I lock eyes with my gorgeous hus (true story) as he eagerly waits for me to make my way to him. 

Once we say our incredibly heart wrenching vows (without crying my very exquisite makeup off of my perfectly tanned face… remember, it’s a fantasy brideys!), my husband and I are whisked away for a private moment alone (where we make out for a little bit and then he helps me out of my pink wedding dress and into the incredible Versace dress above).

When we arrive to the patio for cocktail hour, we are immediately blown away by Prince, our cocktail hour entertainment, as his magic fingers methodically strum his electric guitar... A server comes by offering us our signature drink, a French Gimlet made with vodka and St. Germaine. I look around and see all fo my favorite people enjoying themselves; eating the amazing passed hors d'oeuvres and soaking in the evening... Life is good and it happens to coincide with my wedding. 

We skip the formalities, and enter the dinner reception with our guests. Dinner is on the rooftop of the castle on the beach. Bon Iver is coolly playing in the background as we find our seats. Once we sit (in the middle of the one long, incredibly decorated, candle lit table) food service begins, and the sun begins to set beautifully in the background. 

Dinner is served is quickly and efficiently... The first course is mac-n-cheese (of course, because it is my favorite thing in the world!), followed by fresh lobster and an insanely decadent chocolate tower filled with a rich chocolate cake, brandy soaked cherries and a cherry mousse. 

As the guests are sipping their Chateau d'yquem (fantasy brideys!), the Bhangra dancers slide onto the dance floor and get the party started. The guests are completely mesmerized by the dancing! As the set simmers down, the lighting crew illuminates the corner where, Tiesto, our DJ is getting the beats going... It's truly a fantastic celebration of two people who love each other and the people who love them!

With sweat dripping down my face, a server suddenly appears on the dance floor and hands me a strawberry milkshake. It couldn't be more perfect...

Bridey, what's your wedding fantasy??

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