Fantasy Friday... More like Reality Friday!

So, I totally LOVED all of your comments from last week's Fantasy Friday! And yes, for those of you who wanted to attend my fabulous fantasy wedding, you're all invited! Just bring the hus and me a damn good present! 

Anyway, I know that today is Fantasy Friday, but actually, I have two very juicy realities to share with you. I am so excited! How lucky for me, right?! Actually... How lucky for you, bridey! Because today, I will be unveiling a kick ass wedding planning guide that will be your absolute saviour during your wedding planning experience. It will feel as though I, Bitchless Bride, am your very own wedding planner. Pretty awesome, right?

Trust me, bridey, you are going to freak out (in a good way) when you see that I have included a customizable wedding day timeline (more like the wedding week!), a budget planner and everything you need to make sure you procure the best vendors for you!

Not only that, but I was just informed by 20/20 that although Bitchless Bride is too hot for TV, apparently I'm the perfect temp for their website! Yahoo! I will definitely let you know when it's live!!!

Photo Cred: {Old Hallowell Day}