Super Stylish Sunday ~ Bow Ties are Super Cool

Honestly, when I think about bow ties, the last think I think of is how super cool they are. Right? Actually, considering how many weddings I have planned, you'd think my mind would go straight to boys in tuxedos, but for some reason I always flashback to my childhood and I end up picturing Mr. Rogers singing, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood..." And he didn't even wear a bow tie!! So, I thought I would try to adjust my thinking, and perhaps your thinking too, by showing you some kick ass ways to incorporate bow ties into your wedding and still be cool! Ready?

I mean... Seriously, it helps that this is an amazingly gorgeous bride next to her really hot husband, but check out his fantastic bow tie! He is rockin' that bow tie so hard without rockin' a traditional tuxedo. Just look how fantastic they look together!

In case you haven't noticed, emerald green is in... All you have to do is look at the picture above to see that you don't have to be a professor (circa 1950s) to wear a bow tie. I also completely love that the bride is wearing green shoes! Right? And seriously, just look how handsome this hipster model looks showing off his very pensive, very serious look. I dig it.

There is so much you can do with a bow tie outside of wedding attire. Just look up or down at these cool photographs.... If the ideas aren't flying into your pretty little bridey head, then I suggest you keep on reading! There are invitations, menus, programs, décor... The possibilities are endless!

How could I resist this awesome Lego bow tie? I am DYING at how cool it is... Or the box of the velvet bow ties? Or the patterned ties? The options are endless, and so not boring! Talk about making a statement...

Brideys, I bet you never thought about doing your hair like this for your wedding day, right? But, it's insanely fantastic! Who knew? Just look at that perfect bow tie... out of HAIR! And that cake? You know that BB used to do pastry, so when I see a cake like this, I am in heaven. I am completely obsessed with this cake.

Brideys, I hoped that this post has helped you see that, "Bow Ties Are Cool"... Because they really are, right?

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