The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ It Was a Logistical Nightmare

So, I missed an opportunity to book a potentially fabulous wedding this week. And you know what? I’m a little fucking bitter about it. You know why I’m so bitter? Because it wasn’t my fault…. Trust me, I am not afraid of admitting when I am wrong or when I lost a piece of business because I messed up or made a mistake or just got lazy. Every now and again it happens. But, the reason I lost this one? Pure logistics. I mean, usually it’s the logistics for the wedding that’s the nightmare, not figuring out a time to meet! Right?

In a nutshell? She’s a super busy person, I’m a super busy person (it’s engagement season brideys… lots of meetings happening right now!), and although we had a pleasant rapport via email and on the phone, she picked the first planner who she was able to schedule a meeting with (and this planner is definitely not the right one for her… just stating the truth.). So, not only did I miss out on a fantastic wedding and a cool-ass bride, but also, the bride made an impulsive and stupid choice just so she could “move forward” quickly. And I’m sitting here going… WHY? Why would she do that? Where’s the fire? Seriously, this bride is looking to get married NEXT May, and we were only dancing around the logistics for a week…

Brideys, allow me to give you a few pointers when you are hiring a wedding planner… Okay? Here’s an excerpt from my Plan Like a Planner guide about how not to fuck up when you are looking for right planner (if you are choosing to hire somebody). But before I share, the very first thing you need to do is to let go of the pressure to find a wedding planner immediately (unless you are getting married within the next few months). Focus on finding the right planner, not just any planner! Because, bridey, if you aren’t completely dedicated to finding the right person, then don’t even bother wasting our time. I should be working with that bride, but she gave up too soon and hired the first person she met. Pretty stupid, huh? Trust me, she will regret it later…

Anyway…  check some advice about hiring the right wedding planner from my Plan Like a Planner guide:

This person is going to be your new best friend, so find out as much about them as you possibly can. Just like when you met your fiancé… you wanted to know everything you could possibly learn about him. Well, this is no different.

For instance:

·      How long has she been planning weddings?

·      What made her get into the wedding planning business in the first place?

·      Why does she love their job?

·      How many weddings does she plan each year?

·      Does she have a favorite wedding? Why? What made it so special?

·      Will she be there the day of the wedding?

·      How many weddings does she do on one day?

·      Can she help you secure vendors?

·      What is the best way to communicate with her?

To me, these kinds of questions will help you determine if you have a winner or not. And you will know based on the responses you get whether or not to move forward. 

Bridey, the most important thing I can share with you is to go with your gut! This could mean your initial gut via email, phone or any other form of communication. Hiring a wedding planner is a pretty big deal as far as the success of your wedding, so don’t let stupid roadblocks or your impatience get in the way. Got it?

{Image via We Heart It