The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Five Ways to Get the Most out of Your Wedding Planner

It seems like every wedding planner I speak to during this insanely busy time tells me the same thing… “OMG, I really love this bride, but…” Or, “This fucking bride is driving me crazy because...” So, because I really, truly want to help YOU, bridey, get the most out of your wedding planner, be it the one you’ve hired independently or the catering manager you’re working with at a hotel or resort, I thought it would be helpful if I shared a few of these… hmmm… “insights” so that you can get the absolute best out of your planner, and not have her (or him) hate you.

Here it goes:

1. Don’t be a micromanager. Just don’t do it. Bridey, I know that some of you have great big jobs that require you to be in control of a large team or an enormous budget, etc., and that’s fantastic. But, please don’t let that spill over into MY domain. The reason I'm in charge is because you don’t know shit about planning a wedding, and I do. Listen, bridey, I'm not telling you something you didn't already know! Right?? So, let me do it! Stop trying to control me! Wedding planning is MY full time job, so please, give me some room to do it. I mean... You are well aware of this fact because you are the one who hired me. So, back off… Let me handle the details without having to run each decision by you first.

2. Don’t be a penny pincher when it comes to paying me! When the penny pinching begins, I seriously want to bang my head against the wall… HARD! It tells me that you clearly have no idea just how much I am doing for you, and dammit, I deserve to get paid for the four hours I spent attending an “emergency planning meeting” with your mother.

3. Don’t confuse me for your therapist. I love to listen. I really do, but when I’m in the middle of busy season, bridey, hearing about your awful period and how it’s “making you want to punch your fiancé in the face” makes me want to kill myself. Especially if I have my period too… So, please let me get off the phone when we are done discussing the flowers… Pretty please!

4. Don’t forget that I work with other brides. If I’ve taken you on as one of my clients, congratulations, I must adore you! But, please remember that I work for a living, and therefore I have several clients. So... there are times when I can’t answer an email, text or call at the time it is received simply because I am meeting with somebody else. No, bridey, I’m not cheating on you; I’m just doing my job. PS - I wish you would respond to me as quickly as you expect me to respond to you… JUST SAYIN’!

5. Don’t fuck it up by cheaping out… Huh? Ahem… Soapbox please... “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!” Hired a cheap photographer (one that I did not refer)? Then you may get some cheap photographs. Suddenly a DIY bride? Then you may get some shitty centerpieces (that you made)! I’m not saying that more expensive is better, but I am saying that you need to make smart decisions.

So, there you have it, bridey. And, honestly, I could totally add about 10 more “Don’ts” to this list, but I don’t have the fucking time! Why? Because I am planning your wedding and you’re probably wondering why I haven’t answered your email!!

Image via wiseGEEK