The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Bridey’s Remorse… What to do When You THINK You Hate Your Venue?

We’ve all had buyer’s remorse, right? Be it a fantastic dress, pair of shoes or even something a bit bigger, like a car or a condo. I mean, it’s really amazing how awesome that dress can look in the fitting room, and then somewhere between the fitting room and your closet, that sucker takes a turn for the worse, and when you look in your own mirror, your ass looks like a pumpkin. And yes, I’m totally speaking from personal experience! That dress and my ass did not get along! But, what happens when we’re not talking about a dress; something that you can return without consequence (well, besides a huge hit to your ego!)? What happens when we are talking about the venue for your wedding? Scary thought, right? Yeah…

The reason I’m bringing this up is because I’m starting to see a pattern, brideys… It goes something like this… You secure a venue for your wedding that you are really excited about, begin planning your day, and then you start doubting your excitement as you attend other weddings and events and see all of the cool and different venues that you clearly missed out on. Sound familiar? For some of you, depending on how far away you are from your wedding day, that’s okay. Well, it’s okay if your cool losing your non-refundable deposit (usually ranging from about $2,500 - $5,000), but it starts NOT being okay when you are about a month away from your wedding, designing your floor plan and suddenly you decide that you hate your venue. Yeah, that’s when it starts getting excruciating!

It’s hard to avoid this, brideys. I mean, it’s not like I can tell you not to go to any weddings or events until after your own wedding! That would be silly! But, what I can tell you is that you must remember all of the reasons why you selected your venue in the first place. What was it that attracted you initially? What made you sign on the dotted line? Kinda like your wedding dress… I always tell my brides that once they’ve found “the one” they are not allowed to even GLANCE at another wedding dress, because why put yourself in the position to regret your original choice? Well, unfortunately, you DO have to attend other weddings, etc. before your own, and that’s when your mind starts to wander.

So, my advice? Cut it out! Isn’t that what your mom would say? Stop with the bullshit, and stop comparing your wedding to other weddings. You are not helping yourself. You can’t go to a wedding at a dance club, and then decide that your wedding isn’t “cluby” enough because yours is in a ballroom. It’s just different, and different is just fine, bridey. It doesn’t mean that you hate your venue. So, let it go.

Bridey, it’s really easy to go down this road, but only if you allow it to happen. So don’t. Enjoy the other weddings and events and appreciate the beautiful “pins”, but allow these pieces to dictate how you feel about your own wedding. Got it?

Image Via Cool Easy Hairstyles