BB's Gone and Lost Her Marbles

Aren't they beautiful? The marbles. My marbles? Yeah... I'm pretty sure I've completely lost them. Seriously, it dawned on me the other day that perhaps I needed a teeny tiny break this week when I got into the shower wearing my underwear and didn't notice until I made it to the 'whole washing my body' part (you know... shampoo, then conditioner, and while the conditioner is "conditioning", I wash my bod). See? See what I mean? Those lovely balls... FUCKING GONE.

So, rather than phone it in (which I would NEVER do on Bitchless Bride) when I feel hazy and far from creative, I thought that I would take a breather, and get back to you next Tuesday. Fair enough? 

Until then, brush up on some my favorite posts from the early, more vulgar days of BB:

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Image via Letting the Words Escape