Fantasy Friday ~ A Stunning Country, Glitz and Glam Wedding

I'm falling over because of the pink sparkles. Like, completely in love this this kick ass picture. Aren't you? And honestly, I have no clue what I'm looking at; is it a piece of fabric? A bridesmaid dress? Can't tell, and I don't care, but I cannot bring myself to look away. Actually, I'm distracting myself. I swear, every time I go to write this post, I find myself just staring at the sparkles and the bling. Sometimes I am such a typical girl. Right? Just show me some bling and a ring, and I can't look away.

Anyway, why don't I move on and tell you a little bit about Rachel and Justin? As a couple who both love country, their wedding definitely reflects this passion... I mean check out the Jack Daniels bottles wrapped in burlap and ribbon centerpieces! Or the cowboy boots! But, our bridey, Rachel, loves a bit of glam and glitter. And as a SUPER glamorous bride, Rachel will absolutely STUN you with her sparkly lacey wedding dress, and her amazing makeup. There are so many cool details to absorb, so don't let me distract you! ENJOY!

Two things... IN CRED IBLE wedding dress! Simply incredible!! I mean, just look at how amazing Rachel looks!!! WOW! Oh, and the other thing? Those boobs. Right? DAMN! This dress was made for you Rachel!Super glam and totally dazzling!Love the angle of this shot. Entirely romantic.Chalkboard mason jars for all of the guest. Such a FAB idea!I need one of these.LOVE IT!Look at Rachel's face! She totally got him!Awwwww.... 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Marie Still Photography
DJ: Celebrations 24 
Florist: DJ's Clearwater-Largo Florist
Venue: Historic Feed Store!