The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ "Entitled Bitch Mode"

Brideys, this has got to stop. I feel like every few months we have to revisit this topic, and every time we do, I get just as annoyed as the time before. So, for the millionth time, ahem… “BRIDEY, STOP THINKING THAT YOU GET EVERYTHING FOR FREE!!”

Where is this stemming from you ask? Well, I was on an appointment with a bride the other day, and I was so super embarrassed, that it was all I could do not to scream, “ENOUGH WITH THE BULLSHIT”, or just run away screaming. And in retrospect, I probably should have run away screaming instead of trying to defuse the situation. I mean, I did actually defuse the situation, but it was uncomfortable, and oh, did I mention embarrassing? Yeah…

Allow me to set the scene… My very well put together, and obviously wealthy bride (which just makes it worse) and I were at her wedding venue discussing next steps with the event manager assisting us with the plans, when all of a sudden she went into what I call “entitled bitch mode” (EBM for short). It was like she was puking entitlement all over the place, and before I could stop her, she exploded.

It went something like this: 

Bridey: “I really need you to work with us on the pricing, Kimberly (the event manager), waving her three carat diamond ring in the air. I really want the foie gras crusted beef tenderloin, but I need you to charge me the seared chicken prices.” 

Kimberly: “Um….” She said with WTF written all over her face.

Unfortunately, my bride picked up on this… And, oh dear God… the EBM was revving up!

Bridey: “Kimberly, do you even realize how lucky you are to have my business? I had several venues to choose from, and I picked THIS one. So, I’m going to need you to work with me, because YOU’RE REALLY LUCKY TO HAVE ME HERE." 

Kimberly glanced over at me for a little event planner to wedding planner telepathy. I got this message all right…with one look, that poor planner said told me that, “this bitch is crazy.”

But, before I could chime in, bridey kept going… OH DEAR GOD!

Bridey: “Oh! And, I’m going to need you to throw in the chocolate dipped strawberry on each of the cake plates… and then….”

HOLD ON!!!!!! Slow your roll lady! When I was finally able to chime in, it was necessary to educate my client (in a very PC way) that while the venue was in fact lucky to have her, they could have very easily had another couple willing to pay for the foie gras crusted beef tenderloin at the foie gras beef tenderloin prices. So, understandably, Kimberly’s hands were tied. And after a few more conversations (and analogies), my bride understood that negotiating in this way was not only not going to work, but was completely out of line.

So bridey, for the hundredth millionth time… It is NOT okay for you to go into a venue and assume that just because you are spending some money (maybe even a lot of money) in their establishment, that they owe you something for doing so. Like I always say, you wouldn’t walk into Burberry, Kate Spade, Valentino, etc. and demand that the sunglasses come with the coat because you are spending a lot money in their store, and they are just so LUCKY that you are doing so, right? So, why is this scenario any different? The answer is that it’s not. So, if you can’t afford the beef prices (or just don’t want to), then you can’t have beef. Got it! Good! 

Image via brightclouds