Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Hot Pink Wearin', Summer Dreamin' Kind of Wedding

I'm dreaming in pink these days. Actually, I'm dreaming in summer these days... I was going to hold off on posting this FAB wedding because it's December, and this is from August, but then I got to thinking that we all could use a little bit of sun, some green grass, and some hot fucking pink! Right? Plus, I'm sure that many of you brideys trolling BB are getting married over the summer, and this wedding has some fantastic inspiration for you. 

Emily and Kurt have some serious spunk, and it's pretty clear in the photographs. Brideys, as you scroll down, you will see the hot pink bridesmaids dresses, and the kick ass hot pink vests that the groomsmen are rockin'! I mean, they say that only real men can wear pink, and DAMN, these guys are wearing it well!

But, there's more to why I love this wedding so much (outside of dreaming of a lovely summer day), there is a ton of DIY aspects, and as you know, BB is not a DIYer, so whenever I see weddings that are DIY, I feel the need to honor them somehow... Does that even make sense? Fuck, the cold is getting to me. I seriously feel dumber with every degree the temperature drops... So enough out of me! Just scroll, brideys!!

I am such a sucker for glitter and pearls... Um, could you bust? Awwww... Kurt.... What a lovely message to get before walking down the aisle!Ahem... DIY!!! LOVE IT!Look at all of the hot pink! And it's such a nice summer day too.... Love the bubbles!Seriously? Where was the photog even standing to get this motion shot? FAB!And even more DIY... You know what that would look like if BB attempted to make this? Yeah... BRUTAL!Mouth watering...Look more closely. Yup! Those are handcuffs! Things are about to get a 'lil cray cray!!I'm so impressed with the dip! Congratulations Emily and Kurt!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Amenson Studio
Event Venue: Pamperin Park