Fantasy Friday ~ Boudoir Baby... HOT HOT HOT!

You're probably like... "Why is BB opening this HOT HOT HOT post with a really cool red pillow?" I know right? Why open with a pillow when the rest of the pics are deliciously naughty? Well, I am trying to be considerate bridey. For instance, if you are reading this at work, then bookmark it on your phone and read it later because although the rest of the pics are fantastic, they are a bit racy. No real skin, but if somebody sneaks up on you at your desk, I don't want you to be embarrassed! Got it?

Cool. Moving on... Maybe I just need a good roll in the hay (yeah, I'm not engaged, my relationship is no longer new, and while sex is awesome with the hus, it's not as throw-down as it used to be!) or maybe I am channelling Valentine's Day early, but I am in a red hot sexy place today. Everything you are about to see, I want; 'tis my fantasy. I want gorgeous red lips, a hot red thong (with the fabu body), the red Christian Louboutins, etc. etc.... So, if you want these things too, I suggest you keep reading and truly take in the pictures!

How amazing is this corset (seriously, some words that I thought I would NEVER say!)? Right? But, just look at her teeny tiny waist and gorgeous red lips!! Oh, and let's not forget the red gloves! Bridey, as your wedding planner mentor, I strongly suggest that you take some sexy boudoir photos for your man. Just do it. I wish I did! In fact, I think I am going to schedule a session soon... Who knows? Maybe I'll post them on BB!!

Is this not the most perfect ass ever?! Sorry, it had to acknowledged! And I know that lower back tattoos get a bum wrap (HA!), but I like this one, and if I weren't such a chicken, then I would have several tattoos including a "tramp stamp"! But, I am afraid of needles, so that will never happen! However, it would totally happen in my fantasy!

Love the shoes... Love the angle of this photo.

Besides that gorgeous ring, I am completely melting over her red ruffled panties! Right? What a beautiful photograph! I love how sexy it is even though we aren't seeing a whole lot of "sex".

Fantastic fishnet stockings! These are amazingly classy pictures that completely beat the odds of turning trashy. And because it's my fantasy, my ass would look just as good as hers does in the picture above!

I love the juicy lips. I have juicy lips, but it is a constant struggle to keep them from feeling like sandpaper, so in my fantasy, I would never have to worry about lip balm because they would look perfect all of the time!

Need I say more? I love these red Christian Louboutins! Love love love! And in my fantasy, I would have a different pair of Christian Louboutins every single day!

Bridey, what's your boudoir fantasy? Are you going to take some sexy pictures for your man?

Photo Cred: {Awesome Red Pillow,}, {Red Corset pic via Christa Meola}, {Hot Red Thong via Brian Bosworth Photography}, {Red Shoes via iDesignnow}, {Red Panties w Engagment Ring via Studio by Carmen Photography}, {Cool Necklace/Bra via Kelly Cameron}, {Fishnet Stockings via Vanessa Preziose Photography}, {Lips and Pearls via Sodahead}, {Gorge Puckere Lips via 29 Secrets}, (Shoes via Christian Louboutin}