Super Stylish Sunday ~ Why Finding the RIGHT Photographer is SO Important!

I have to be honest, I LOVE Super Stylish Sunday! I feel like it gives me the opportunity to really educate you, bridey, through pictures and today, with a great story of love, committment and an awful photographer (from 14 years ago)... Bridey, I cannot even begin to stress the importance of hiring the right photographer for your wedding. Allow me to be blunt. Ready? You get what you pay for. PERIOD. If you hire a cheap photographer, odds are your wedding photographs will look cheap too... So bridey, a little tough love? Don't fuck up your wedding photographs because you are cheap. It's the wrong place to cut corners...

So, I encourage all of you brideys to browse this amazingly lovely photo shoot, and read Helena & Gabe's beautiful story. Although, as beautiful as a story as it is, it's incredibly frustating for those of us in the wedding industry to hear about a bad photographer! Apparently, the wedding photographs taken by their photographer were so bad that they didn’t want to put them up in their home!

I love a good shoulder kiss...


{I am FREAKING out over the details! That bouquet, and her makeup? DYING!!}

Smetona Photo: Fourteen years after their wedding... Helena and Gabe saw our (Smetona Photo) anniversary shoot contest as a great oppurtunity to get the great photos of their love that they never had. Here's what Helena said about why they wanted to win,  "For us, the best part of being married is always having our best friend right by our side. We have grown up together both mentally and spiritually which we think is just amazing! We deserve this special treat because we didn’t have our dream wedding. On a limited budget, we had to hire the cheapest photographer around, and needless to say, it showed. We have never displayed any wedding photos in our home. With that said, I sure hope we have a shot at this as it would be a huge blessing!"

Over 300 of Helena and Gabe’s friends and family voted for them, and they won the anniversary contest! A closest fashion diva, Helena wanted the shoot to express something edgy but sweet. Her dream was to really step out of her box! Inspiration for the shoot came from Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland, Disney and high-fashion! The amazing Collette Budd from Brier Rose Design worked her magic and created this “Queen of Hearts” themed shoot.

{Doesn't Helena have the most BEATUIFUL smile? She is seriously stunning!!}

The shoot was an absolute blast, and we truly couldn’t have asked for a better couple. One thing that really stuck out to us about Helena and Gabe was Gabe’s sincere love for his wife and his selfless desire to see her happy. He kept saying to us…”I’m so glad she is getting to do this! She will love this! Gosh! She looks so happy and beautiful!” 

Industry Peeps: 

Photographer:   Smetona Photo 
Event Designer:  Brier Rose Design
Floral Designer:  Merryl Jensen
Cake Designer:  Itty Bitty Sweets
Equipment Rentals:  Smoketree Junction Antiques