Super Stylish Sunday ~ Pick Up Truck Engagement Shoot

I gotta say... I really LOVE Super Stylish Sunday. I love it because anything goes. And today? Well, it's no different. Although, I must admit... I was going to go a whole different route for the post today, but when I saw this in my inbox, I felt like I NEEDED to share it. Immediately. Because for some of you, today's post is simply a cool couple who chose a pretty fantastic way to photograph their engagement session, but for me it's much, much more.

I hate to say it, but usually? I get so damn bored with the majority of engagement photographs I see. And while the couple may be pretty to look at, dressed perfectly and completely in love, the photographs tell me absolutely nothing about who they are. They are empty somehow. But these? Well, they tell a story, and outside of how "pretty" the couple is (and they are pretty!), you get a feel for what they like, and who they are, versus how long they can gaze into each other's eyes for the sake of a picture. 

Seriously? What an incredible way for two lovebirds to spend an afternoon together? A gourmet picnic in the park on the back of their teal 1950s pickup truck?! It doesn't get much better than root beer, apples, French cheeses, bread, nuts, and some caramel popcorn. Right? Oh, and you know what? Let's snap some photographs and call it their engagement shoot! LOVE IT! I love the energy, I love the spirit, and I totally love how their photographer was able to truly encapsulate who these two people are as a couple.

I cannot get over the whimsical look in her eyes! So stunning...

Cool couple. Cool truck. Cool engagement photographs.

Could he BE more adorable? I love this picture!

How about a break? How about some French cheese, fruit and some root beer? 

And you thought that mint green was only the hottest new color for weddings? Wrong! Obviously it applies to engagement photos too! But, brideys, PLEASE, let this cool ass engagement shoot be a lesson for you. It's clear by these awesome photographs that an engagement shoot doesn't have to be boring. Because honestly, nobody wants to see 100 pictures of the two of you gazing into each other's eyes. Make them interesting. Tell a story, (even if it's a short one), have fun and get creative! Oh, and don't forget to work a fucking fabulous photographer, because as you can see, it makes all the difference in the world!

Seriously? I can't wait to see the pictures from the wedding!! (Hint... Hint...)

Brideys, any ideas for your engagement photographs? Will you dare to break out of the box?

Photographer: Eastport Photography