Fantasy Friday ~ We're All Mad Here...

Who doesn't love Alice in Wonderland? Right? And there are some of us who love the idea of a fantasy world so much that it becomes a part of us. And why wouldn't we? In a fantasy we are free to live in a world with little inhibition, few cares and pure pleasure. So why not let your wedding guests in on such great pleasure? Why not "wow" them with an experience unlike any other, and certainly unlike any other wedding? I mean... Don't they deserve it? How about we let them fall down their own rabbit hole? (Side note... Doesn't the AIW groom above look hauntingly like Matthew from Downton Abbey? Just sayin'!!)
I am completely obsessed with this amazing set up. It's truly whimsical. Even down to the cool chairs... There is no way you could feel anything except unadulterated happiness walking into and sitting in this space!
Check out this bouquet! How fucking awesome is that? It's colorful, it's expressive, and it's not obnoxious! Or the boutonniere below? Again, it's colorful, it goes with the them, and it's hardly obnoxious.
Look at that dress! I want to walk around in it. TODAY. RIGHT NOW! Although, it may be a bit awkward meeting with my brideys, but I'm sure they'd appreciate it! And the bunny? Awesome! Maybe a little frightening, but still fucking fabulous! That'd would be memorable at a wedding, don't you think? 
We could have a lot of fun with an Alice in Wonderland dessert display! Look at those edible tea cups filled with candy! Or the beautiful tea pots? The possibilities are endless with the decor and the treats!
Look down... I love this cake. Like, absolutely, unequivocally LOVE THIS CAKE! And the goblets? Both encompass the theme beautifully without going overboard.
I would love to be on the dance floor eating a lollipop that said "Eat Me". Wouldn't you? Although, I may feel a bit sorry to cut into the Cheshire Cat cake... Like PETA would come after me or something!
Let's not forget about the cocktails! You know that BB would NEVER forget about a good cocktail! And look how colorful and delicious these look. On the left we have the Magical Mad Hatter Cocktail and on the right, your guests to guzzle down some Mad Hatter Potion. I love the idea these two as signature drinks! Obvi served with a little card that says the name of the cocktail!
Love the invitations. Love the cake.
SERIOUSLY? How could I resist this? Here's what NOT to say when serving tea!!! 
Favors that your guests will actually love and use? Tea! How fitting!                                                                     
Brideys, would you ever have an Alice in Wonderland wedding???

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