Super Stylish Sunday ~ More Like Super Sexy Sunday... Boudoir Gone Badass

Happy Sunday, brideys! I'm feeling a bit naughty today. What about you? No? Too early? Well, maybe these photographs will get you in the mood (and then your man will thank me later). Anyway, today's post goes beyond classy boudoir pictures. It's about getting comfortable being UNCOMFORTABLE. Why not go out of your comfort zone for these special photographs? I mean the fact that you're even having these pictures TAKEN requires balls, so why not go just a bit further?

Don't just surprise your fiancé with the pictures, but surprise him with how different they are than what he would have expected from you. I know that he will certainly appreciate any boudoir photos you give him, but with a bit of sparkle, role playing and even cookies? Yeah, the dude will go crazy.

I'm not just talking smack, brideys. Over the summer, I plan on having some boudoir photographs taken, and I'll definitely post them on BB. Most likely, they'll be anything but traditional... You'll see... But for now, just enjoy the eye candy and take away some ideas for your shoot!

I really want to do this. Roll around in gold glitter... NAKED! But, girls, to get this look, you must work with a professional. Otherwise, I can totally see glitter gone bad... Picking up what I'm puttin' down? Let's keep the glitter out of certain crevices... 

Check out the makeup! I am completely in love with this look, and I think it would be a cool way to express yourself during a boudoir shoot if you weren't totally excited about rolling around in glitter, or straddling a piano... That, or rockin' a blue (or pink, or blond, or purple) wig? Something that you would never put on your head under normal circumstances? That look would definitely provide an element of surprise for your man...

If my ass was this perfect, then I'd make this getup a daily party of my routine! The reason I chose this picture is because if you are not a lingerie person, why not BE one for the shoot? 

Great shoes. Great legs. Great color.

Cookie anybody? Right?? I love this picture! I love the stripes and I love the cookie offering. If you are not particularly fond of turning on an oven normally, then why not pretend to be during your shoot?

The two pictures above are incredibly sexy. One is a bit more traditional for a boudoir shoot, and the other is damn sexy and somewhat odd all at the same time.

Love the fish nets and the garter with the splinter of the red lingerie. Right? Are you wondering what's with the smoking woman below? Well, you know how smoking seems so sexy on film (um, Mad Men!) or in a magazine? Whether or not you are a smoker or not, a picture with a cigarette is hot!

I cannot get over the glitter... Had to share another picture with you. But, what about stunning picture of the woman with the cool ass pink wig and fan? That would be an awesome way to express yourself and get "uncomfortable".

Eyes wide shut? Yeah... This pic just sets the mood.

Love it! Sexy and playful!

Polka dots and the gorge hair? DAMN sexy... 

Bridey, did you or are you going to take boudoir photographs? If so, what are you going to do to make it different?

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