The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Don't Be Too Quick to Judge Other Brides

As you know, one of my favorite words in the whole wide world (besides the word, perspective), is the word ENTITLED or ENTITLEMENT. And, most of the time I am quite excited when I come across somebody else expressing themselves using this word. However, this is not one of those times. In fact this time, I am actually offended by the misuse of my very favorite word, for YOU, brideys! Because you know that I am a lot of things, but judgmental is not one of them. Do I call it the way I see it? Yes. Do I sometimes offend people with the truth or the use of my colorful vocabulary? Yes. Have I been accused of being "vulgar"? Yes. And while I am all of those things, I'm not a judgy bitch.  

If you find yourself asking what prompted this, here's the two cent tour... So, instead of indulging in gossip websites or even the news, I prefer to relax while reading the bridal chit chat on the wedding boards. Seriously, it relaxes me somehow. And I truly believe that it helps me be a better wedding planner. No really, I do! It's like being a fly on the wall and being able to hear all of the shit brides say that they might not say to their planner. However, as I was simply enjoying my day, trolling the boards, I came across this statement on The Knot:

"As a bride who has come across so many issues during my wedding planning, paying for it all on my own, I am SO TIRED of hearing these entitled brides complain when their wedding is being paid for! Seriously, if you're parents are paying for your wedding, do NOT even complain. Like, you're all set. I do not want to see these brides posting about problems anymore. No Thank You to that!" 

To see the whole thread of comments, check it out here.

Yeah, this is why I am carrying on. This shit is what has me so offended... FOR YOU, BRIDEYS! I feel like a mama bird protecting her young. I feel like you were unfairly judged and discriminated against, and I do not put up with that shit. Because trust me, bridey, I get that paying for a wedding all by yourself is stressful, and on top of the enormous amount of money being spent, wedding planning itself is stressful. But, before you get your panties in a bunch, and throw stones at other brides (that you just met), you need to think. You need to consider the facts. Because while all you can see are the dollar signs, those "entitled brides" typically only see red with every decision that gets made (usually FOR them, not BY them).

Look, I've worked with all kinds of brides. Some are paying for their wedding by themselves, and others are indeed lucky enough to have financial support from their parents. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that they have their actual support, just their dough. And nine times out of ten, that financial support comes with a fuckload of strings attached. And their biggest complaint? Can you guess? That their wedding is no longer in their control. They are simply puppets putting on one hell of a show.

So.... All of that being said... For all of you brideys paying for your own wedding, I think you fucking rock! Good for you! And, I know that sometimes it is hard to see it from a different PERSPECTIVE because the grass is so much greener and far more lush over there, but if I was a gambling woman (duh, totally a gambler) then I'm sure that of the brides that accepted financial support from their parents, 75% wish they could go back in time and do one of two things... Either, 1) attach guidelines to the money they receive, or 2) tell their parents to keep their money, and that they are going to pay for their nuptials on their own. 

The moral of the story? Don't be too quick to judge other brides. Because even though this thread totally pushed my buttons because of the super quick judgmentmental bullshit (that was quickly recanted), I hope that this post helped all of you brideys get a glimpse of the other side and realize that sometimes the grass over there? Sucks.

Photo Cred: {The Tennessean}