Super Stylish Sunday ~ Show Up and Shut Up!!

My parents got married on a Tuesday. Seriously. What's strange is that I JUST found this out a few months ago... Right? Considering that I am a wedding planner and blogger, I am surprised (and a little annoyed) that I didn't know this until recently when it just happened to come up in conversation. And you know what? Everybody still made it to the wedding, all 300 guests, even though it was on a Tuesday in August of 1971!

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about their wedding, what the trends were, and how different, yet quite similar life was for them... But, before we get into all of that... Let's clear one thing up, shall we? WHY the fuck it was on a Tuesday? I know, right? Well, apparently my grandmother HAD to have the wedding at the Ambassador East Hotel in Chicago, and it wasn't available on a Saturday night until the next year. Soooo, she did the only thing she could do... Book it on a Tuesday! Plus, Tuesday is considered a lucky day for the Jews... (So lucky that my parents got divorced 17 years later!)

(The Pump Room in Chicago's Ambassador East Hotel.)

My grandmother, "Minnie" planned everything with the help of a wedding planner (again... ANOTHER fact that I would have LOVED to have known, but didn't)! In fact, because my grandmother was in charge of the entire day, my grandfather and my father called it "Minnie's wedding". And being the wiseass that she was (I totally come by it honestly!), she told them to just "show up and shut up." How awesome is that, brideys?! And perhaps not too radically different from planning your wedding today. Is your mother in charge?

(Could have been worse... At least my grandmother had good taste!! Pink and white are MUCH better than this emerald green wedding... Something that is totally making its way back!)

{INTERESTING FACT: Something that I WISH you brideys would do more often? LISTEN TO YOUR WEDDING PLANNER! Even in the early 70s, the wedding planner they worked with chose all of the vendors for the wedding. Now, I know that it's not fair for me to say that "you must work with XYZ vendors or else." But, at least trust our suggestions...}

But, my mom wasn't completely out of the loop. She did pick out and completely loved her wedding dress. It was a long pink and white dress with white eyelets and sheer lace sleeves (and poofy shoulders). She wore her long hair down, and also rocked a long veil. Both mothers wore pink gowns, and the nine, yes NINE, bridesmaids all wore pink too. 

The bulk of the budget was spent on the venue and the flowers. Again, something that isn't too far off from wedding planning trends of today. Of course, they had an all pink rose chuppah with amazingly lavish pedestaled flowers lining the aisle which following the ceremony, were turned into the tall centerpieces used on the tables for the reception. A popular wedding band (probably wasn't too hard to book considering the wedding was on a TUESDAY!), and apparently a total diva photographer... LOVE IT!!!

(In my head, this would be the modern day chuppah!)

A major difference from a wedding in 1971 to a wedding today? The cake! I haven't seen a tiered, pedestal wedding cake in my entire career!

When I asked my mom what she didn't like about "planning" her wedding, she told me that there were about 18 prenuptial parties! OMG, can you fucking imagine? What a nightmare! She said that for the three months leading up to the wedding, there was a party or luncheon every weekend! Several women in her life at the time were not working, so they had parties. Seriously? SHOOT ME! 

In a nutshell? Not while the styles might be different, not too much has drastically changed. Some of you will have the luxury of having your mom plan your wedding, some of you will hire (and listen to) a wedding planner, and some of you may even get married on a Tuesday. But, no matter what, bridey? Do your best to enjoy the process as many women have done before you!


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