Fantasy Friday ~ The Rainbow Connection

I am in a mood... A whimsical mood... A happy mood... An almost childlike mood... No, really I am! I can't figure out if it's because I am working with some great brideys lately or because Spring is finally in the air, but BB has the fever! And when you have the fever, you just have to go with it. Right? So why not be happy? Like deliriously fucking happy? And you know what is a happy color? RAINBOW! Which of course got me thinking about two things... The Rainbow Connection, by Kermit (be sure to watch the video... you'll thank me later for that stupid grin of yours), and how cool it would be to plan an over-the-top rainbow wedding!

Soooo... welcome to Fantasy Friday!! I am drooling over these photographs, and feel so inspired to push the limit with any bride who will allow me to do so... So c'mon, bridey! Get into the rainbow mood with me and let's have some fucking fun! 

Gorgeous. Stunning. Ballsy. 

Yes, I think it's real fur, but please don't kill the messenger (she says quietly). I wanted to share it because I think it's fabulous, not because I am taking a stand one way or another regarding animal rights (however, you all know that I have two cats, so I too am hoping it's faux!) Anyway....

Um, walk down the aisle in your Jimmy Choo's and then change into some rainbow Vans? Sounds good to me!

Yeah... There are no words... Well, except that the spotlight just might be off of you, bridey, for a little while as your guests take in the cuteness of the flower girls!

No words... None. Other then FUCKING FANTASTIC!

Here are some other truly lovely and unique ideas if the solid rainbow cake is too much for you...

I just went to planner heaven. LOOK UP, BRIDEYS! Look up! WOW!!! 

Rainbow flowers? Yes please! Cool rainbow flowers? Even better!

I couldn't resist! You KNOW I just had to show you more cake!!!! 

Rainbow candy bar? Hell yes! Gimme Gimme Gimme!

Would YOU ever have a rainbow wedding? DID you have a rainbow wedding?

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