Super Stylish Sunday ~ Traintastic Weddings

Maybe it's because I've been taking the train (subway) to my new office, or maybe it's because I'm a little bit fascinated by trains (and NOT just because of that scene in Risky Business), but I've been thinking about how cool a train themed wedding could be. It's definitely a theme that as a wedding planner, I don't see very often. And really, it can be amazingly fabulous, and certainly memorable for you and your guests. Seriously, just look at that photograph! How'd you like that to be hanging in your home? Right??

Brideys, we all know that by executing your wedding theme beautifully and accurately, you (or you and your wedding planner) single-handedly have the power to create an almost euphoric atmosphere. And a train theme? Well, it's surprisingly romantic and certainly unique. So, if you're unsure as to your wedding theme or if you even want to have a theme at all, perhaps after viewing this post you will have somewhat of an epiphany... And you know what? It'd be a traintastic wedding!

Look at this sensational photograph! I am lovin' how cool the bride and groom are. 

This photograph really got to me. Actually, it was the catalyst for writing this post about how stylish and almost distinguished a train themed wedding could be. It's cool. It's unique. It's fabulous.

I really love this train ticket invitation! Trust me, there is a very thin line between cheesy and classy with this type of invite, and I feel as though this one encapsulates the theme without it looking childlike or lame.

Unbelievable. I really love that you can't see their faces.

How fucking tremendous would it be to see either one of these photographs in your album? These certainly are not the mundane and unoriginal shots we tend to see so often in weddings, now are they?

I mean... Holy shit. I love how retro this pic is without actually being retro. 

Worried that a train themed wedding won't lend itself well to décor or a extraordinary venue? Well, look up and then look down. Are these photographs not stunning? Do you feel as though something is missing? Good, I didn't think so!

The photograph above is from the Roundhouse Railroad Station Museum, and the one below is the old train station in Pittsburgh. Look how beautiful this venue is! Super clean lines, astonishingly romantic and just stunning. 

Love the cake (of course I do)!! But, I also love how all of the booze is contained on this old railway cart.

For all of you Chicagoans out there, the wedding cake above is special because the bride and groom met on the "L" (Chicago's subway system). So why not incorporate how they met into the equation? I mean, it's doubtful that she was the chick hanging off of the side of the train next to the cake, but I loved the photograph so I just had to include it!

Yeah... I really love this cake, but I also really love the photograph, and pity the fool (ha!) who had to carry it out to train tracks and place it just so...

Yes, I know this is technically a birthday cake. But, I thought it could be a cute groom's cake so I wanted to show it to you.

DYING over her bouquet, and her dress, and her lovely figure, and how she is positioned so perfectly on the tracks... Total run-on sentence... I know!

That's the bouquet bride! Isn't she dazzling? Such a great photo!

I just could not help myself. I mean, I found a picture that had the phrase "Do Not Hump" in it that was completely applicable to my post, and HAD to use it! Trust me, this was the more "tame" of the photographs! LOVE IT! Hilarious!


Bridey, are you having a train wedding theme? Would you consider it now that BB has opened your eyes to the possibilities?

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