Super Stylish Sunday ~ Engagement Session Gone Wild!

I know that this will surprise you, but I like to have fun. Seriously, sometimes a girl just needs to let her hair down and get a little bit crazy. But, what happens when you throw in some paint (and maybe even some booze) and bring your man with you? A fucking awesome engagement shoot! That's what!

Gotta be honest (because I don't know how to be any other way), I LOVE to work with people who like to have fun. It certainly makes my job so much easier and more enjoyable when a couple is great to work with, and rock a fantastic sense of humor. And this engagement shoot? Well, they definitely have a sense of humor!

And you know what else? The shoot? It's super stylish too. What a great idea for an engagment session! I mean, I love all of the bright colors, the natural surroundings of Mount Charleston, and the whimsy fabulousness, don't you? But, most of all? I really dig how Ayla and Jon play with each other. It's clear that they have deep connection, and I bet a superb love life too! Sorry... Couldn't help it! Anyway, enjoy the cool photographs! I hope they inspire you, bridey, to break out of the mold and let your true colors (haha!) shine through!

In case there was any question of who the groom was!

Or the bride...

I love Ayla! She's always laughing; her mouth constantly stuck in a smile...

Are you dying right now? I mean, look how much fun they are having!

I love how Ayla is smiling, but I love how Jon is looking at her (even if he is admiring the back of her head). Look at his face. Look at those beautiful blue eyes! She's not even looking at him, and he's melting for her.

Serious fun!

Snow ball fight? Love it!!

The cutest couple... Seriously, I have a couple crush.

Bridey, would you ever do something outside of the norm for your engagement shoot?

Photographer: Josh and Jen Photography