The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ I'm Not Your Hired Help!

Sooo... I totally changed my plan for today. I was going to talk all about making your wedding planning simpler, blah blah blah... Don't be a bridey bitch, blah blah blah..., but then I received this absolutely, painfully honest vendor vent, and I HAD to change my plan, because there was no way that I was going to let this one get by me without adding my two (or three) cents. Brideys, as wedding season quickly approaches, it's incredibly important for all of you to understand the difference between the event planner who works for the hotel, and the person you HIRE for thousands of dollars to plan your wedding. 

As I've mentioned previously, prior to going out on my own as a wedding planner, I worked at several fancy hotels on the catering/event planning teams. And you know what? It wasn't fucking easy. It was a million and a half hours, physically demanding (thank God I am in such good shape... HA!), and honestly? The pay was shitty. Like, shockingly shitty actually. Like, so shitty that people outside of the industry who knew just how little we were paid were utterly blown away by the tiny compensation. But, I don't want to get off track, so we'll save that for yet another post about TIPPING your poorly paid manager...

Anyway, as bitchy and awful as some clients can be, sometimes our angst has nothing to do with you, bridey. No really, a lot of the time it comes down to the internal bullshit that makes our jobs more difficult than dealing with the bitchiest of brides. But, you CAN help my peers working in the hotel world by understanding a few simple differences between the wedding planner you hire, and the hotel event planner.

1. The hotel event planner can refer you to their trusted network of vendors (after you've signed the contract with them), but will not attend any of your vendor appointments with you. Your hired wedding planner attends the vendor meetings with you.

2. The hotel event planner should know the logistics for any activities happening outside of the hotel (for instance if an off-site ceremony, guest transportation, etc.), but she/he does not arrange the logistics. Your hired wedding planner takes care of solidifying those details.

3. The hotel event planner does not provide the décor for your wedding. While the wedding packages may encompass speciality linen, votive candles and small vases for the cocktail tables, your hired wedding planner is ultimately responsible for directing you to the right vendors to provide the décor for your theme.

4. The hotel event planner usually doesn't stay on property throughout the duration of your wedding. Once the party is going strong, the guests have been served and the dance floor is jammed, then your hotel event planner is off the clock and probably about to belly up to the nearest bar. But, don't worry, she/he is not leaving you high and dry. The banquet team is now running the show. However, your hired wedding planner typically stays until the last guest goes home.

Brideys, if you're getting married at a fancy hotel, country club, or somewhere that has an internal event planner, then it is important for you to understand the parameters surrounding their job. I hope that this post will help you do that. Now, go read the vendor vent, because trust me, you don't want to miss this one!

Photo Cred: {Scott Collins iPhoneography, Fancy Hotel = Fancy Chandelier}