Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Horseshoes and Hawaii

Maybe it's because I have Hawaii on the mind, or maybe I just really need to get away for a bit, but no matter where my head is at, I just LOVE this wedding. I love all of the little details, I love the beautiful flowers and honestly, I love the cowboy boots! Seriously... I guess I never really knew that ranches exist in Hawaii, but they do !! WHO KNEW?!! Right? And seeing these incredible photographs, and the stunning bride (obvi), I am a believer that not only are there ranches in Hawaii, but that they are a fantastic venue for a wedding!

Here are a few words from the bride, SerahCasey and I worked together while living in Corvallis, Oregon. We dated for almost seven years before getting engaged.

Serah: Casey and I were vacationing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming when he proposed. On our last full day in Wyoming, he and I went to Signal Mountain because we read that it was a place that we had to see. It was there that he popped the question and I said, “Yes!” Looking back, I now see all these signs that should have tipped me off. For example, while in Denver for our layover, Casey asked me if I wanted my laptop. I told him I would get it myself, but he insisted that he get it for me (my ring was in his computer bag). Once in Jackson, I got a text from my friend saying that she got engaged. When I told Casey, he said “everyone’s getting engaged.” And finally, on our second to last night there, Casey asked me to go outside and sit on the front porch of our cabin. While we were out there talking, I could see him fidgeting in his pocket and I kept hearing something snap. He then wanted to walk around a bit, and while walking, I continued to hear that snapping sound. I really do not know why I did not ask him what was in there. We ended up going back to our cabin because I got cold being outside. He was so nervous that he was fidgeting with the ring box and it kept snapping shut as he was playing with it in his pocket.

In LOVE with this photograph!

Serah: Kualoa Ranch was the perfect place for us because it was just beautiful. To have the ocean and Chinaman’s Hat on one side and the Ko’olau Mountains on the other side, it really could not be topped. We knew we were going to be having out of town guests coming in and if Kualoa Ranch took our break away (me, growing up on the island and Casey having visited multiple times), we could not wait to see everyone else’s reaction. 

Serah: Our wedding turned out to be both a destination wedding, as well as a home town affair. I was born and raised on Oahu and moved to the mainland after graduating from high school. It seemed like a logical place to have the wedding- it’s my home and still have some of my family living there and it makes for a great vacation for our family and friends who were coming in from the mainland.

Such a lovely and moving photograph...

Serah: We chose a rustic theme and luckily, even our venue fit! We loved Jackson Hole so much that we wanted to incorporate it into our wedding. The cake tiers were an imitation of my dress and we had flowers that we used in our wedding to decorate the top tier of the cake. Flowers that we used throughout the wedding were lilies, daisies, billy balls, etc. We had a singer during the ceremony and pupu hour, who played feel good music to keep our guests relaxed and happy.

DY ING over these... And if you know me at all, then you KNOW that I am no country girl! But, I just love this pictures!

Serah: The colors that we chose were navy and yellow for our wedding. To bring out the rustic feeling, we had a seating area made of hay bales, and used items such as wood, burlap, mason jars, tea lamps, lanterns, etc to decorate.

I love the sunflowers! Such a happy flower!

Serah: I wore a dress from Essence of Australia and Casey and his groomsmen rented grey suits. We got the girls their dresses from Etsy because I did not think that the typical bridesmaid dress fit our theme. I wanted them to wear something flowy and light and found someone on Etsy who did a wonderful job. We also got them Madden Girl cowboy boots to go with their dresses. I also wore boots, but a different style.

Serah: The highlight of our celebration was of course FINALLY getting married! But what made it all so special were our family and friends who came and supported us that day. It was so touching to know that these people love us enough to take time out of their lives to celebrate with us. We are so thankful for them.

Stunning and super creative yet simple tables...

Um.... BEAUTIFUL cake!

Serah: We had a lion dance, which was a great hit! I think it was something unexpected for our out of town guests. 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Rachel Robertson
Caterer: Beaches and Backyards Catering
Event Planner: Milestone Events Hawaii
Floral Designer: Flower Farm
Make Up: Sarah la GLAM
Event Venue: Kualoa Ranch