Super Stylish Sunday ~ Dreams Really Do Come True...

Look at this picture. I mean, REALLY look. Would you believe me if I told you that this is a rainbow themed, styled shoot at Morningside Manor in Arvada, Colorado? The reason I'm asking is because doesn't this couple look like a real soon-to-be or married couple? Seriously... I just can't believe that they are part of the shoot! Perhaps they are together in real life, or maybe after the shoot they got down and dirty... rainbow style. But, no matter what, the chemistry of the "models" mixed with the awesomeness of this styled shoot almost leaves me at a loss for words! ALMOST. 

Okay, moving past the obvious sexual tension, I really applaud all of the hard work that went into this photo session. Brideys, if you scroll down, you will see some profoundly creative tablescapes, a fabulously cool cake and a pretty dramatic altar. If you're looking for a creative theme with tons of DIY elements, then check this shit out! 

I have to admit, I'm not usually a fan of the bow on the chair thing, but because of the multicolor effect, I really love it! 

I am obsessed with the alternating napkins and beverages! What a good idea! I mean... just throw a little vodka in the glass, and it may even be perfect!

YUM. YUM. YUM. And you know what the best part is? It's a cake that can easily be made by a friend or relative, that will look cool and cost you nothing.

C'mon... If they are not together, then they absolutely should be! Right?? Does anybody else see this? I will have to ask Rayna (the photographer)!!

Another fantastically fabulous detail that costs practically nothing? Streamers. Yeah. They look great in pictures, and draw attention to the altar.

I'll have one of each please!!! Notice the sparkly linen? I need to have it!

It's amazing how something so simple, like a crystal picture frame and a rainbow table number can have such a great impact!




See how I did that? See how I showed you the paper flowers on the table and then seamlessly transitioned to the bouquet? Pretty clever, huh? Although as clever as I am, I wanted you, bridey, to see that if you are monetarily challenged and plagued with a small budget, your creativity can makeup for your lack of funds...

Right? How adorable are they?! Seriously, if they're not together, then I think they should be! 

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