Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Donuts and Doggies

I mean... How could I not open with this picture? Right? And honestly, please don't judge me, brideys, but I am a cat person, not a dog person, however I totally melted over this one. So cute, right??! And looks like he even got a little hair cut for the wedding too. Shut up!

Anyway, I should probably tell you about the bride and groom! So the handsome guy in the tux is a Navy jet pilot. First of all, how fucking cool is that? What's even cooler? Apparently, they met in high school and he chased her for years before she finally gave in. And now... I'm sharing their stunning wedding with you. Just WAIT until you see their "cake" or "cakes" rather. I seriously fell over... and then I wanted to dive through the screen and dig in.

This is such a great photograph! I love how cas the girls are. Right? Just putting their hands in their pockets while chillin' with the bride, also with her hands in her pockets. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of pockets in wedding dresses because you brideys, try to hide things in them, but this time? I'm LOVIN' them!

Fire pit! How fantastic is that? Also makes for a lovely photo opportunity!

I really love her bouquet. And, not for nothing, she looks utterly happy and stunning too!

Pure happiness.

Yeah... DONUTS. DONUTS. And more DONUTS! Who needs a wedding cake when you have donuts??

Um. Oh my... Gimme!

Donuts are just so much easier to "cut", right? Look how easy. No mess. No fuss. Just fucking AWESOME!

The bride is getting down!

Romance. A perfect end to a beautiful wedding!

Industry Peeps:
Ceremony VenueLansdowne Resort
Cake: Donuts by Dunkin Donuts
FloristRick's Flowers 
MusicThe Lace Music 
Hair: Carla Pressley
GownSoliloquy Bridal
SuitJos. A. Bank