Fantasy Friday ~ Twelve Down, Thirty-Eight to Go!

Meet Renee and Robin. Renee and Robin met at church, have been together for six years, have three kids, and are getting married in Kauai (where these images were taken) in August! Pretty fucking awesome, right? Totally!

But, you're probably wondering why this extraordinary engagement shoot falls under Fantasy Friday. I mean, yes these are amazing photographs. And yes, they ARE in Hawaii, but that's not why this post is here today. It's here today because as of this past Tuesday, Minnesota became the 12th state to legalize same-sex marriage. And my fantasy? Well, my fantasy is that the rest of the states, the slow pokes, will do the same... and fast!

So, please enjoy and savor these beautiful photographs of two people who love each other... Two people who love their kids, and of two people who deserve the same rights that I have by default... all because I sleep next to a man.

C'mon, they're in Hawaii... How could we not show you some of the local fabulousness?

I love how Renee is looking at Robin being a goof!

SO in love!

Suddenly, I am craving some fruit salad!

Yeah, that's a rainbow in Hawaii! Gotta share a kiss!

Twelve down, thirty-eight to go!

Photographer: Creatrix Photography

**Hey Creatrix, I better have a sweet package in my inbox after this wedding in August!!**