The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ A Lesson About Friendship to All of You Brideys

Brideys, I'm going to get straight to the point because this shit is important. It's so super important because if you don't have friends after you say, "I do" then who will you bitch to about your husband when the wedding euphoria wears off? Right? I mean basically, bridey, I really want you have friends when your wedding is over. I also think it's kinda important that you still like your friends when your wedding is over too. I mean, it is a two-way street. So, I thought I'd share a few ways to keep AND like your friends leading up to, and following your nuptials. 

1. Don't be an entitled bridey bitch. Yes, it's your day, but everybody is there to celebrate with you so make sure you that when the day finally arrives that they do in fact want to celebrate with you. In other words, don't fuck it up all the way to the altar and then expect your friends to be excited to be part of your wedding. 

2. Brideys-to-be... Going to a wedding like every other fucking weekend? Yeah, then outside of being exhausted and over it, you're obviously at the stage in your life in which you'll probably be in several weddings too. That said, may I make a suggestion? It's very simple actually. Don't be an asshole.

If you are the maid of honor (MOH) or a bridesmaid in the wedding party, then live up to your responsibility as the MOH or the bridesmaid, because how you behave now dictates how your bridal party will behave when it's your turn. So, if you were less than participatory with all of the festivities in your friend's wedding (showers, bachelorette party, etc.), then it's not fair for you to expect that they want to participate in yours... Capish?

3. If you are speaking at the wedding, then keep it short, keep it interesting, and for the love of God, don't talk about the shit you did on spring break. Particularly if what you did was illegal, done while naked, or both. Need I say more? Don't want those tables to be turned, right?

4. Ladies, there are a ton of awesome wedding blogs now, right? See anything you like? How about those lovely bridesmaids dresses? They really do exist because I see several of them every single day on those same blogs and on Pinterest. How about this... CHOOSE one of them! Seriously, make it your mission in life to see any one of your bridesmaids wear the dress they wore to your wedding somewhere else... ANYWHERE else! 

5. Be respectful. Be a respectful as a bridesmaid, MOH and a bride. It's as simple as that.  

Brideys, bottom line? Weddings have the potential make or break your friendships. So, whether you're in the wedding or you're the bride, don't fuck it up. Got it?

Photo Cred: {Sara Zarrella Photography}