Real Wedding Wednesday ~ The Definition of a 'Successful' Wedding Day

I love the sparklers! I am actually really DRAWN to those damn sparklers. But, I gotta say... You couldn't pay me enough money to actually hold one in my hand because they scare the bejesus out of me. I know it's silly, but what can I say?!!

But, anyway... How cute are Beth and Lane? Right? They met on a high school field trip! Can you believe it? That's just crazy for me to think about. I mean... If I married my high school sweetheart, I'd probably be... Well, that's a whole other post (and I don't want to ruin this one!)!

You know what I love about Beth and Lane? They get it. They really, really get it. If you scroll down, you'll see their definition of a successful wedding, and I have to say that I'm super impressed. So, if you want to learn a thing or two, bridey, then keep reading and enjoy the eye candy while you're at it!

1. Bridey, how did you meet your spouse? Lane and I met in high school on a field trip to DC.

2. How long were you together before you were engaged? Six and a half years. 

3. What was the length of time between the engagement and the wedding? 13 months

4. Where did your wedding take place? Christ United Methodist Church, Chapel Hill, NC

5. If you had to rate your wedding planning experience on a scale of one to ten with one being shitty, and ten being awesome, how would you rate it? I would rate it an 8. There were parts I loved, and parts I dreaded! Overall, it was fun and definitely memorable.

6. What was your favorite part of the wedding planning process? Least fave? Our favorite part was definitely taste testing! Both at the Country Club and at Ashley Cakes. Our least favorite part was definitely picking out flowers. Our florist was wonderfully patient and helpful, but flowers are just not my thing!

7. Did anything go wrong (that you were aware of) at your wedding? If so, we’d love to hear about it. The weather was disappointing. It turned out to be a rather cold, and rainy day. During the sendoff, we had planned to put the convertible top down, but we couldn't. Luckily our photographers were amazing--by looking at the pictures, you'd never know how dreary it was that day!

Also, make sure that everyone knows if they are supposed to stay for pictures after the ceremony. We didn't do a good job communicating that to our family.

8. What was the biggest challenge you faced from the moment you were engaged to the day you walked down the aisle? The hardest part was definitely finalizing the guest list.

9. What advice do you wish you had before started planning your wedding? While it's important to try to think through the details of the day, when the day itself comes, relax and enjoy it. During the planning phase, we came up with this definition of a "successful" wedding day: 1) we get married in front of our family & friends, 2) we eat amazing food, and 3) we dance. As long as those three things happened, we were happy!

10. Looking back, would you have done anything differently? Due to flight changes about a two months before, we had to move the date of the honeymoon. We left for the honeymoon a full week after the wedding. It was nice on one hand, because we weren't rushed to get to the airport the very next morning. But, it was also a little weird for both of us to go back to work on Monday morning! My advice to other brides would be to leave for the honeymoon two to three days after the wedding date. Give yourself time to recover, but don't go back to work in between!

I also felt like there were a lot of people I didn't get to speak with at the reception. If I could do it again, I'd be more intentional about talking to every single guest. It's hard when the day is such a whirlwind but it's one of my biggest regrets.

I love the stunning simplicity of this cake. And you know what? LOOK DOWN!! It's my absolute favorite EVER! RED VELVET!!!

OMG... Just put that tray down RIGHT HERE!!!

If you know me at all, then you know that I have a love affair with popcorn. So between the wedding cake and the popcorn? HEAVEN!
11. Bridey, please provide the most valuable lesson you learned while planning your wedding. Use your budget where it matters to you. We found great money saving options on the smaller details, and that let us spend on what we really cared about.

I mean... How cute is THAT?

Industry Peeps:

Reception/Caterer: Chapel Hill Country Club
DJ: Joe Bunn DJ Company
Flowers: Chapel Hill Florist
Cake: Ashley Cakes
Photographers: Windy Peak Photography
Hair & Make Up: Mina's Studio
Dress: Mori Lee
Favors: The Mad Popper