Fantasy Friday ~ Code Red!

I'm using you today, bridey. I mean, I'm hoping you get some inspiration from this post because it fucking rocks, but today, it's all about me. Yup! Today I needed Bitchless Bride to help me brainstorm an idea that has been swirling around in my cray cray little head for the last two weeks, and finally feels ready to put on "paper". So, there won't be a real wedding or a styled shoot today. Nope! This one is strictly for moi. (BTW... are you totally dying over that red headpiece? RIGHT??)

The fantasy? The dream wedding? Code red! Yup! You read that right! Code fucking red y'all!! Yeah...This bride wants an all red wedding.... Like super fucking red. Like, red is going to explode from event red... And, you know what? I intend on giving it to her. But, it's got to be classy. It's got to be flashy and most of all, it can't be cheesy. 

So, the "boards" encapsulated in this post? Well, they will give you a little insight as to how my crazy mind works (or at the very least, how it's digesting the specifications around  this particular wedding). And honestly, I have no rhyme or reason to what I mashed together, but I like how it looks. Reminds me of organized chaos. The best part? "Diablo",  that's what I call bride behind her back (yes, we all have nick names for you, brideys), she's going to fucking love it, and I hope you do too...
Like I said... there is no particular rhyme to my reason today... All I know is that I need a few options for a signature drink, and I NEED a drink, so here are my thoughts... Champagne with strawberry puree or some strawberry with some freakin' moonshine (although I don't think it's red enough), or maybe the strawberry shortcake martini... Think that may be the winner! 
I really love this photograph. That's a perfect strawberry. And the ring? Well, the ring is quite lovely too... But, more than that, I want to eat the donut while wearing that dress and those shoes... However, the donut MUST be smaller and must alternate on the dessert table with red donuts.
I love this Vera Wang dress. And the clutch? I need it... Imagine that feather headpiece in red.
Far right corner? Yeah, that's a fire engine red dance floor! Oh, and see that long table with the red flower runner? LOVE IT!
Brideys, you know me. I need all of these cakes as options. Right? LOVE cake, and I specifically love red velvet... But, the decor on the hot red one is driving me crazy!    
Bridey, what do you think of my brainstorming session? Would you ever plan a red wedding?