The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Horror and Heartbreak

I feel like every other week on BB I'm writing about some awful tragedy. A few weeks ago it was the marathon bombings in Boston, and now there is a whole other kind tragedy that is just pulling at my heartstrings one by one. This story is so completely heartbreaking that since I heard about it, I've been walking around feeling like I might puke my guts out. On Saturday night a limo carrying nine women on their way to a bridal shower burst into flames killing the bride and four of her friends. Thankfully, the other four girls made it out of the car before it became engulfed, but sadly, the other five perished.  

As a wedding planner (and as a human being), I am so deeply saddened by this awful event that I can hardly breathe. I keep thinking about how this could have easily been one of MY brides, and how devastated I would be to lose any one of you. Because as tough and honest as I am on BB as I attempt to keep you brideys in line, I care tremendously about all of you. And many of you become much more than just a client as we get to know each other during the wedding planning.

All I can think about the excitement surrounding wedding festivities; a night out with the girls, the bridal shower, spa days, etc. But, these girls didn't have the chance... They were on their way to Neriza Fojas' bridal shower; her husband waiting for them to arrive at the hotel (Neriza and her groom had gotten married in state side, and were planning a second ceremony in the Philippines next month). I mean how the hell does this happen? And worst of all, how and who explained it to the groom? Oh my God. I can hardly type.

So, brideys, the horrible truth this Tuesday? Shit can and does happen at any time. Appreciate what you have. Do your best to ignore the petty bullshit. Be grateful for what you have. Be grateful for the women in your life, be grateful for your family and most of all, be grateful for your husband.

Image Cred: {Intelliblog: SADNESS}