The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Sometimes, Even BB Needs a Little Perspective

I'm not going to lie, sometimes, I (too) get so caught up in the wedding planning process that every now and then, I require a much needed reminder not only about the significance behind the event, but the reason I was hired to help plan the wedding. I have to separate myself from the beautiful design, an excited bride and overwhelming desire to make each and every detail sparkle and get myself centered; get my shit together. Get some PERSPECTIVE! Why? Well, even though it's not my wedding, in a similar fashion to the how the bride oftentimes finds herself miles away from where she started (be it from a budget standpoint, design aesthetic, etc.), occasionally, so do I. And it's super important that at least one of us remembers what the hell we're doing all of this amazing preparation for... a union of two people who want the world to witness their love, and commitment to each other. Because it's more than just a fucking party; it's a celebration; it's a public promise; it's the beginning of a whole new life. Soooo... as excited as we both get during the planning, I must focus and not to lose sight of the big picture.

I know this will shock you, brideys, but most people would describe me as an easy going, slightly high maintenance, cool ass girl who has an eye for detail, and a soft spot for genuine people, particularly a lovely couple who want to have a great party, and an even better marriage. Contrary to what some haters have said about me, I DO have feelings and get excited to plan your wedding. But, that's when I really have to watch how close I get to the process.

HUH? Well, you know how sometimes when one of your besties is really excited about something, you, as their close friend, begin to feed off of their energy even though you may have no idea what the fuck they're going on and on about? But, you want to share in their excitement so you start laughing or jumping up and down or fucking skipping with them because you just can't help it!! They are completely contagious, so you just go with it because its like you almost can't help yourself. Well... welcome to my world... The "good" brideys have several moments like this. They are like a kid in a candy store, and watching them absorb all of the sweetness around them is exhilarating! And as much as I want to join the party, I'm more like the chaperone.

Depending on the bride, I have the tendency to start mirroring this behavior when I shouldn't. Because I need to be providing guidance instead of joining the excitement. The reason I'm writing about this is because I feel like I preach so much about perspective on BB, that it's important for you to know that I need a dose every now and again too. And after a very recent experience with a fave bride of mine, I needed to take a step back, pull in the reigns (because she's paying me to) and get us centered... I needed to get us back on track, or ultimately? SHE would be unhappy.

Moral of the story? Practice what you preach. Focus on what's important, and don't get too carried away.

Image: Poster Jack