Real Wedding Wednesday ~ I mean... Fantasy Friday

I love Tiffany and Scott. Just wait until you scroll down and see the pictures of everybody dancing their asses off! That's what it's all about, brideys! Having fun! Enjoying yourself! I mean, why do all of this preparation if you're NOT going to enjoy yourself, right? Clearly this wedding was a true celebration centered around two pretty fabulous people.

The wedding was held in two very historic venues... The Monumental Church and Main Street Station (both in Virginia). And according to the photographer, "the celebration was what I would call 'Very Richmond'. The details were subtle, with blue and white hydrangeas and "tiffany" blue accents. The night was full of dancing in the gorgeous marble train station and even included a performance by the bride and groomsmen!"

Let this wedding inspire you, brideys! Enjoy!

So sweet...

OMG...  I LOVE how Tiffany is looking at herself in the mirror! That shot is priceless!

Could ya' bust? Check out that look she's giving him! It starts young ladies!!

The vows... 

Get ready for a fabulous smooch! Okay! Look down!!

I love the fire truck! Such great memories!

See ya' later! Going to have a moment alone before the reception.

I HAD to pair these photographs together. I mean... It starts off all innocent, and then... well, when the suspenders are down and the bride goes up, the party has officially begun.

DYING over these! How fun?!!!! 

I honestly wish that I either planned this wedding, or I had the opportunity to attend it!!! Cheers to Tiffany and Scott!

Industry Peeps:

Caterer:  Nanking
Event Planner:  BRC Events
Ceremony Location:  Monumental Church
Event Venue:  Monumental Church
Second Shooter:  Jen Sinclair Photography