Super Stylish Sunday ~ Feelin' Hot Hot Hot...

I asked for it... I put the word out there that I wanted to see a hot pink wedding, and I got my wish! Just LOOK at these fucking amazing bridesmaids dresses? Right? So vibrant, so rich, and so fantastic! And, I really love how laid back the groom and his men are. I mean, definitely dressed for the occasion, but not seeing black tuxedos is a nice change from the "norm".

I think at this point I have DRILLED into your little bridey heads how important it is to have fun at your wedding, and how important it is for your guests to have fun too... Well, this is how it's done.... These photographs speak for themselves. Seriously. At some point during the night, the groom did a handstand! Oh yeah! LOVE IT!

I mean... You gotta love that the bride is wearing Toms under her stunning wedding dress. 

That is one proud mama. And why shouldn't she be? Her daughter is stunning!!

I HAD to include this photograph in the post. It's like the gentleman doing the makeup was written into the script... He's wearing hot pink too!!

Gerber daisies are just so happy...

Such a cute group of guys!! 

Amazing first look photographs! I love seeing how it all went down!!

I really, really love this shot. It's such a small detail, but totally encapsulates what's important to the bride and groom.

What a beautiful, and beatuifully simple spot for a ceremony...

Awwwwwww......"We did it!!"

Would you look at how they are looking at each other?! I mean... 


I love the sparklers! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: JoPhoto
Venue: Smithview Pavilion
Caterer: Abner's Attic