The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Trust Your Vendors!

Brideys, I HAD to put this post FRONT AND FUCKING CENTER even though it's a Vendor VentTechnically, this vent should go on another page of BB, but I had to do it because almost a year ago to the day, I wrote something quite similar, Trust is NOT a Four Letter Word (although perhaps a bit more venom packed), and seriously, I don't know how many wedding planners, or people in our industry need to tell you this, but TRUST YOUR VENDORS! Don't hire me if you're not going to trust me. PERIOD!

Now... read it and learn...

Written by "Another Hot Pink Planner"

Last year I met with an out of state bride referred to my team by one of my favorite clients. I knew going in that she was really excited to work with us, so I was looking forward to meeting her. Actually, she was so excited to work with us that she hired us on the spot! I have to admit, I was quite thrilled to work with her too because the gal who referred her to us was amazing, so I figured she would be as well. Boy was I wrong!

I can distinctly remember this bride at our consultation asking questions about ways we would be able to save her money, and how we would be able to make her wedding planning easier. I gave her several examples, and let her know that we would closely monitor her budget, making sure that she stuck it. Plus, we would be happy to provide her with vendors she would love.

What’s strange is that each and every venue and vendor recommendation was not only not even considered or looked at, but completely disregarded. Instead of meeting with vendors whom I had done several events with, this bride chose to explore multiple other avenues, and then ask for my opinions about vendors outside of my network. WTF? On many occasions, I politely expressed that because I had not worked with these vendors, I could not give her an honest opinion on how I would think they would do if she hired them. If I don't have experience working with a vendor, then I cannot and will not recommend them.

Basically, from the moment she hired me, this bride has not considered my advice or recommendations. Instead, she interrogates each vendor, asking them for their advice and opinions (about anything and everything), and then cc's me on the emails! You know, just to be sure, or just to see if they agree with what I've suggested to her. Honestly, it’s to the point where I cringe every time I see an email from this bride. She is overly dependent on getting opinions, and will not just trust the professionals SHE hired!

Brides, when you hire vendors for your wedding day, you need to trust your decision to have them as a vendor at your wedding. If you're choosing to hire a wedding planner to help you stay on track, on budget and keep you sane, then be sure you trust their judgment! Or else, why heck hire them at all?

And for the sake of all those around you, no matter how many times you chant, "I'm not normally like this", you're not fooling anybody. Bottom line? Trust your vendors!

Photo Cred: Carl Zoch