Fantasy Friday ~ Wet 'N Wild

Seriously, this is my fantasy. I think I need to go buy myself a wedding dress just so I can have a trash the dress session like this one. I know it's crazy, but I am starting to think that I NEED to know what it feels like to have a wet wedding dress stuck to my body. Dunno why, but I do! Oh my GOD! I think I've really lost my fucking mind. Right? But, bear with me, brideys!

This shoot took place in northwest Montana (Okay... So, I probably won't head all the way over there for a shoot, although it's definitely an idea!), and it goes to show you what a little nature can do. Honestly, this session is nothing short of stunning, and while most of that has to do with the beautiful bride, a little nature didn't hurt either. Enjoy!

That floral headpiece is adorable! And her eyes? Whoa! Gorgeous!

C'mon... You're totally dying to know what that feels like too!! I know you are!!

Clearly, she is caught in a laugh out loud moment. What a great photograph!!

Amazingly vibrant! Only in Montana! Well, I think... I'm a city girl! What do you want from me??

Just hanging out... In the field...

Dying over those boots!

SO cute!!

A GIANT thank you to Kelly Kirksey Photography for submitting this FAB trash the dress shoot!!