The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Don't be Stupid, Bridey...

Hoteliers, how many times have you heard this from a bride getting married at your property, "Do you realize how much money I'm spending at your hotel? I don't understand why you can't just include 'it' in the package". And "it" can be a plethora of things... Room rental, set up fee, CHAMPAGNE WITH DINNER!!! Really?? I will never fucking understand it. I will never understand why some brides think that just because they are getting married at a particular venue, that they are forever exempt from future expenses. That everything should be included because they are spending money at your hotel.

Yes. Yes, I've written about this before (actually, it was one of my videos). But, it deserves an encore presentation. Why? Well, let me tell you... Because every year I work with a bride who is so entitled, and so sheltered that she really believes that certain amenities are simply owed to her just because she has chosen to bless the hotel with her wedding. And then it becomes my job to explain to her why the fucking champagne isn't included in the stupid wedding package. Right? So, then we end up wasting two fucking hours breaking down the specifics of what IS included the stupid wedding package (and what's stated in the contract), and how it "really isn't fair" and how "that bitch at the hotel is totally out to get me." Blah blah blah... C'mon!

UGH!! Brideys, for the love of God... You have to READ YOUR CONTRACTS!! Oh, and you know what? Make sure you understand them too. Because "BB, does this look good to you?" isn't enough! I can only take you so far, but actually reading and comprehending your wedding contract is something that you need to take ownership of! It's not fair for you to blame the hotel for not "including" something that was never promised in to you the first place. Okay? So, don't be stupid, bridey... Read and understand what you are getting for your money.

And finally... If "it" isn't included in the package or you didn't discuss it initially with the "bitch at the hotel", then "it's" not fucking included no matter how much money you are spending in the establishment! Got it?


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