Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Hello Hawaii, I Think I Love You

I was almost tempted to post this wedding without writing a single word. Can you imagine? BB... speechless? But, then I thought that you, bridey, might actually be concerned about my well being because I've never gone a post without commenting... And we wouldn't want you to be concerned, now would we? Right?

The reason this post was almost left me "comment less"? Well, after I placed all of the photographs, I was making sure everything looked cool, and I found myself scrolling through this wedding over and over again. No need for words. No need for a story. Just the beauty encapsulated in the pictures was moving enough. Kathy and Marcelo with their family and friends in Hawaii. That's pretty much the heart and soul of it...

Go on... See for yourselves. 

I just love this photograph. Just a stunning wedding dress and simply beautiful bridesmaids dresses. I especially love how the MOH's dress is a different color!

OMG! Look at Kathy's face! Love it! She is adorable!

Um... Hello gorgeous! Amazing shot...

Kathy and Marcelo are a super cute couple! Clearly in love... Just like the couple below...

Right? OMG! Could you bust?

A MAZ ING. Just incredible.


Kathy is so angelic!

Simple and spectacular.

I love Kathy and Marcelo!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Creatrix Photography
Cake Designer: A Cake Life
Caterer: Beaches and Backyard Catering
Makeup Artist: Faith & Beauty
Cinema and Video: Fisheye Studio
Event Planner: Savvy Coordination