Fantasy Friday ~ I WISH I Was This Cool

I think the title says it all, don't you? Everything about this wedding is my fantasy. EVERYTHING! (Oh! And it's exclusively on Bitchless Bride!!) Let's see... We have an absolutely stunning color pallet, an absolutely gorgeous bride, and frankly... an absolutely hot groom. Need I say more? I mean... Right? This wedding is my fantasy. Because as cool as I am, I will never be THIS cool. 

Seriously, if it weren't for my intense fear of needles, I'd probably be covered in tattoos myself, so I find that I'm drawn to those brave enough to endure the pain of the tattoo. Not only that, but the details in this wedding are fucking fabulous! I am DY ING over the purple. DY ING! Look at how well done, and how incredible the colors are! Simple and elegant. Amazing. Wow!

So, my dear bridey, you are cordially invited to love, admire, and try to replicate this fucking awesome wedding. Let's pretend for a moment that we are all this cool. Let's pretend that we are as cool as Sabrina and Erik. Shall we? Enjoy...

If Sabrina gets any more beautiful, I think I may actually fall over.

I am lovin' the richness of the bridesmaids dresses. 

OH MY GOD. Just OMG... 

How sensational is this ceremony? Right? Need a close up? Thought so... Look down.

The flowers are marvelous, but the purple water they are floating upon? Absolutely enchanting.

I mean... Shivers are running up and down my spine right now...

Let's get out of here.

Yum. Refreshing too...

Erik, deep in thought...

OMG! Even their food is fucking cool!

A GIANT THANK YOU to Wesleyann Knetzer of Dear Wesleyann for submitting this amazing wedding exclusively to Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Dear Wesleyann
Cake Designer: Confections on the Coast
Floral Designer: Events by Nouveau
Caterer: Townsend Catering Company
Venue/Event Planner: Carillon Weddings® at Carillon Beach