Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Penguins Mate for Life

THAT'S a sea turtle. How fucking magnificent is that?!!! I mean, it's cool on it's own, but at a wedding? Now that's fantastic! My GOD... Just think about their wedding album... Right? They have fucking penguins in their photographs! Seriously, how many couples can say that they have a penguin in their wedding album?

Brideys, among the coolest part of this wedding? Minimal necessity for décor. It's not like you need to build in a a specific theme because it's literally swimming behind you. Additionally, an aquarium is certainly a unique venue for a wedding. I gotta be honest, I've never done a wedding at an aquarium. Of course, I've visited an aquarium, but orchestrating an event at one? Never. I think that's why I'm so drawn to Krystal and Ryan's beautiful nuptials... Enjoy!

Go ahead... Test out those lips... Mmmmuuuuuuuaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

I am dying over the coral bridesmaids dresses (and Krystal's coral shoes)!

Awwwwww.... Proud papa... I love how he is looking at her.

I don't see flowers on the table. See? Limited décor, yet a stunning room.

I really love the "cake". The B+G can still cut the small cake, but if you're a cake pop fan, then this is pretty cool!

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Did you you that penguins mate for life?

Talk about a fantastic photo opportunity! And I love how Krystal is smiling at Ryan!
I love her dress. The coral is incorporated beautifully!

So cute! 

Photographer: CV.Fuller Photography
Cake Designer: A Piece of Cake Tampa
Dress: David's Bridal
DJ: Grant Hemond & Associates, Inc