Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Super Modern & Quite Stunning Jewish Wedding

There really are no words for Sara and Ben's wedding. Truly. I will run out of adjectives trying to describe how fucking wonderful everything is. Seriously, the details are quite astonishing. Just scroll down, and you will see an ombre floral aisle (designed in a way that is so damn pretty), a vintage wedding dress, bright and colorfully magnificent flowers, and a couple just as magnificent as the details of their wedding (yes, I just wrote that... but, it's so true!). 

This wedding is so FAB, that bycherry photography described it like this: "Sara and Ben's wedding was one of those weddings in which I kept squealing over everything. Vintage dress? SQUEAL! Castle Green venue? SQUEAL! OMG, awesome one-of-a-kind invitations? SQUEAL! To-die-for blue sapphire?SQUEAL! Hora Dance? SQUEAL! Mom coordinates flash dance mob? SQUEAL! It's one of those weddings you stop and say, "This is perfect!"

If you open that lovely blue invitation, you will find a two-cent-tour showing the couple in Jerusalem, New York and then LA. I mean... That's AWESOME! Obvi, it's custom made.

Sara's hair is perfectly curled, her necklace is perfectly centered, and her dress is plain ol' perfect!

I am absolutely melting over the veil.... It compliments her vintage wedding dress so well!

I know you're freaking out over the ombre floral aisle. Right? And, check out that huppah!! 

For those of you who don't know... In the top left, you will see a STUNNING ketubah. A ketubah is the wedding contract in a Jewish marriage.

I love this shot. This table is so elegant. Not overdone, and super colorful.

Doesn't the cake look tasty? And, I'm totally obsessed with the cake toppers!!

Settle down... 

Awwwww..... Sara and Ben, you are too cute! Love this pic!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: bycherry Photography
Venue: Castle Green
Caterer: Simply Elegant Caterer
Ketubah Designer: Melanie Dankowicz