The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Wedding Planner, Personal Assistant or Bitch?

Last year, I wrote a piece similar to this for the Huffington Post, called Wedding Planner or Personal Assistant? And all I have to say is that I'm glad to know that I'm not alone. If other wedding planners feel the same way, then we MUST be onto something... Right? So, bridey, jot down a few notes... You'll need them!

Written by the "Peeved Off Planner"

I thought I'd include what this wedding planner wrote to me in the same email as the vent...

Hey BB!

I wanted to send you a little vendor vent. I am to the point of ripping my hair out from the past couple of wedding weekends I have had. I work my ass off and when brides start being demeaning I wonder if they are just incompetent or just bitches. So below is a vent. I can definitely expand on it, but I definitely will need a prozac and a glass of wine beforehand.

I am your Wedding Coordinator, not your slave, personal assistant or bitch.

The fact that it is getting to the point where I have to explain to brides what I DO NOT do is unfathomable. Brides, I am planning your wedding, I will be supportive to you over family feuds, bitchy bridesmaid and crazy mothers, but I am not your BITCH. I repeat, I am not your bitch, your slave, or personal assistant. My job is to make sure your wedding runs smoothly, so that you can enjoy the day.

My job is not:

- to make your nail appointment
- pick up groceries for you
- contact your mother about her plans because you just cannot speak to her any more

Yes, I have had brides ask me to pick up groceries for them! And that three paragraph email explaining why you need for me to make your nail appointment... Guess what?! You could have called yourself in the amount of time it took you to write that too me.

Ladies, my job is to make sure that all vendors are doing what they are supposed to be doing on time. My job is to make sure you are calm the entire day. My job is certainly not to babysit your flower girls or ring bearers while you get ready. My job is not to follow you around because you keep setting your bouquet down and loosing it. And please, under no circumstances tell me to “hurry up” in front of your guests when I'm already in front of you with whatever you need. Please, do not speak to me like I am beneath you, because honey, I am making your dream-wedding day come true. Oh, and at the end of the day, when I have worked over 20 hours, designed your entire event, and even helped cleared some tables because you hired an incompetent catering company, you could say, "thank you".

Phew... That's all...

Image via Sweet Bliss Weddings Blogs