The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Why it's Important to Hire a Wedding Planner

You know how I perpetually say that wedding planning always comes together in the end? Well, I lied. Wedding planning always comes together in the end if you have a fucking fabulous wedding planner like me, but if you don't, then you might be in some trouble. So, for all of you "newbies" or newly engaged brides, sit down and listen to me. Actually, why don't all of you, brideys, have a seat. Because after this past weekend, I clearly have some more educating to do.

It's no secret that I am a big fan of hiring a wedding planner to orchestrate your wedding plans. Be it a wedding planner who will help secure all of the details from start to finish or a "day of" wedding planner who jumps in a few weeks to a month prior to the big day, or a something in-between the two, but allow me to say it again. BRIDEY, HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER! Just do it. You know why? Because I single-handedly saved a wedding this past weekend. I did. Go me.

Okay... So I am being a touch melodramatic, but here's what happened. I was working with a truly amazing couple. Really, I swear, I'm not writing this with an ounce of sarcasm! Anyway, they were so amazing that several guests wanted to say a few words (or many, many words) about this amazing couple, and as lovely as that was, it was fucking up my perfectly sculpted timeline of events for the evening. And the DJ kept allowing these people to take the mic without clearing it with me first (great guy, but not in my network of trusted vendors)... NOT COOL! 

Most of you probably don't think that this is a big deal. I mean, what's wrong with guests who wish to take the mic for a few? Well, it becomes a chain reaction. The longer the toasts, the more delayed food service becomes, and then the more delayed the dancing becomes, and then the cake cutting, etc., etc., etc., basically any formality that takes place during a wedding becomes delayed and the guests get bored and hungry. Right? C'mon, we've all been there and it sucks!!

So, as I hovered during the second lengthy toast (which was not on my perfectly arranged timeline of events for the evening), I made it very clear to the DJ that he was responsible for destroying the plan, and that we needed to serve dinner before it turned into the stereotypical "wedding food" (you know... luke warm and "warmed" over... yeah, gross...). Therefore, once cousin whoever finished reliving the groom's childhood, and finally raised his glass, we were able to make up some time by changing the flow of the evening around a bit so that the food was good, and the guests were happy (and not bored).

Moral of the story? Had I not been there, the wedding would have been ruined. Just kidding, but it definitely would have been a different kind of evening. Dinner would have been super late, and the guests would have been devouring some horribly chewy beef (because they were starving after all of those toasts), they would have been bored out of their skin, and the overall experience would have been completely different. 

So, bridey, as you make your way towards your wedding day consider hiring a wedding planner to have your back on your wedding day. It's worth the expense because the best laid plans sometimes get stuck behind an overzealous DJ. Got it?

Image via TopTenTopTen