The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Why DIY Can Sometimes Make You Cry

I heard a DIY story the other day that just made me want to curl up in a ball and cry for this bride. Really... I wanted to cry for her. Because while DIY is FAB for several of you, some of us just don't have the knack for doing anything ourselves. Take me for instance... I have never pretended to be a DIYer, and for those of you who really know me (and I mean, like for reals), then you know that I surround myself with people who get shit done and know what they're doing, as opposed to doing ANYTHING myself. Now, that's not to say that I am lazy, or don't want to be a DIYer, it's just that anything I attempt to do myself (basically anything that requires building, gluing or reading directions) turns to shit. The good news? I know this about myself, and therefore I got off of the DIY train long ago.

I am a fantastic event planner because I love logistics, I have a keen eye for design, and I get off on seeing all of the pieces come together. But, that does not translate to doing anything myself, so bridey, if you are like me, never fear, you can still have an amazing wedding DIY or not. As for why I wanted to cry for this poor bride... Well, it is a long, crazy story.

In a nutshell? The bride completely underestimated how long it was going to take her to complete the centerpieces (all 22 of them) for the guest tables, and because of this, she ended up DIYing her own makeup (which thankfully, she was really good at!) but, she still had to pay the makeup artist who was supposed beautify her! You see, the bride was busy fussing with the damn centerpieces and missed her own appointment... ON HER WEDDING DAY!. And it's not like the bridesmaids weren't helpful, but when you have somewhat of a controlling bride (even with T-minus one hour before photographs), it's kinda a lose lose situation.

The solution, bridey? TEST ALL DIY "PROJECTS" BEFORE THE WEDDING! I mean, it's not like this chick started making the centerpieces on her wedding day, but clearly, she did not realize the enormity of the project she was taking on or else (and I'm just guessing here), she would have given herself a shitload more time to get it done. Right? So, if you are a seasoned DIYer, and want to make cool centerpieces or what have you for your wedding, then please make sure you allot enough time to complete the task. Got it?

Image via Buckeye Honda